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14 things every stock market investor should do for good returns

February 25, 2018
14 things every stock market investor should do for good returns
stock market things to do for good returns

Stock market investing in not everyone's cup of tea but if done correctly it could make you rich. New investors and existing investors need to make sure they are on track and doing the right things to make any money in market.

Share market is a place that makes people rich and ironically it is also a place where people loose a lot of money too. Here are some basic points every investor should do to make good profits in share market.

1. Research before you invest
Stock market is one place where even the highly experienced people fail at times. It is one investment vehicle that can make you super rich and can also make you loose heavily if the investment strategy goes wrong. 

You need to do proper research before you go and invest your earned money. It does not mean watching suggestions from others on television , what it means is you need to have fair idea of what the company is all about, what is its future growth prospect and how much return it can give. You need to check all the basic parameters of the stock before you go for it. You need to check basic metrics to identify if the stock has good future or not.

Some of the things that you can analyse include P/E ration, a lower P/E would mean the stock is trading cheaply. This metric is helpful to compare stocks of similar industry and you get a fair idea of the stock you are interested in and the stock that is blue chip in that area. This however is a just one metric and may not give whole idea. Thus you need to go through other parameters which includes price to book value, return on equity, debt to equity ration and so on. 

You need to learn few metrics and assume on those parameters and predict the future. After all we are actually betting on future. So basically we need to go through a shares history, analyse its present and predict the future. That is all what it is. The one who predicts the future correctly and invests at right time is the one who becomes rich by this means.

2. Keep the trust and go long term
Once you have decided to invest in a particular stock on the basis of analysis that you did, you need to trust it. You cant just start doubting if the stock falls some percentages. 

In a stock market that is controlled by so many factors, you will always see market coming up and down everyday but if the company has strong fundamentals then it is bound to rise at some stage. And when it will rise it will give you returns that you had expected. If you jitter from the daily falls and rise then stock market investing is not for you. You need to have patience if you want to make good returns in stock market.

3. Be ready to book losses
An important point in stock market is to be patient with the investment and hold for long term. But the long term too has some limits, if you see the stock hasn't been doing good since a very long time then there is no point in waiting. 

You can't wait for eternity, so you need to identify the current status of company and reassess your investments. This you need to do regularly and make sure you are on right track. You should not hesitate to book losses if the future doesn't hold good for that company or else you may have to incur more losses than what you are currently facing. It is very important to asses your investment and take right decision at right time else this may become a loss making investment.

4. Stay away from penny stocks
Penny stocks are those whose price value is very low. Since the price of such stock is very less many retail investors are attracted to them thinking that in future they may rise and give them huge returns. There are stock which give such returns but many falter and either they fall or they never rise in years. Liquidity is also an issue with them since not many people will be available to buy them when you want to sell them. 

Thus penny stock are actually a good way to loose your money rather than making some. You need to be extremely careful when picking such stocks or else your money could get stuck. A better thing to do will always to remain away from such stocks and go for stocks that are trading in good volumes and are known companies. You may not necessarily want to go for bluechip's but not even penny stocks which are traded in very very low volumes.

5. Dont buy at once learn the art of averaging
One important think many retails investors don't do is averaging the  stock price. Averaging a stock market price is a starting step you need to take. When you buy a stock don't buy with the whole amount rather just buy use some percentage of amount you would spent and then buy rest of the percentage when the stock falls. 

You can do this over a period of time. What this does is, average stock price when it comes down and you are able to make more profits in the long run. You can also make use of this strategy while selling. Instead if selling everything at once make sure you sell in steps and make more profits.

6. Have a right mix in your portfolio
Building a right mix of stock portfolio is as important as it is to pick a stock at right price. It is important to asses your risk potential and build a portfolio of stocks. 

Instead of investing the whole amount on one or two stocks what you have to do is pick some good number of stocks from different industries and invest the amount on all those shares. Now what this does is it gives a balances approach and reduces the risk of loosing money. It is important to diversify on industry front because if you go in one particular direction and if the industry doesnt do well then you may be in trouble. 

So it is advisable to diversify your stock collection across industries depending on which industries are looking good.

7. Keep an eye on History
They say history always repeats itself. In many cases yes it does at least in stocks you will see many stocks doing well if they have done well in past. This is one simple indicator to pick a stock. If a stock has been doing well for last whole decade then there is a good chance that it will do good in coming years.

You need to keep your eyes open and identify such stocks and go for it. They may not become multibaggers but at least return good percentage. This is one factor you always need to consider while building your portfolio.

8. Book profits upon reaching targets
When you invest in a particular stock, you have analysed its history, its present and you bet on it for its future with a particular target in mind as per your calculations. 

Now when the stock reaches it target it is always good to go and book your profits or at least book some % of it. Having a clear strategy of booking profits is as important as picking the right share.

9. Have a strategy and stick to it
In stock market which is controlled by so many factors it becomes important that you stick to your plan no matter what. Its easy to get carried away in such environment and the key is to stick to your strategy in tough conditions. You need to be patient and execute your plan 

10. Know when to let go
In a fast changing world a company that was doing so well could go into situation from where it may not come out easily. When you identify such a thing happening to your invested stock its always better to get out and book losses. You need to keep an eye on your investments and take such tough decisions at times, So be ready for this always.

11. Learn from your mistakes and others too
Share market is on place where making mistake is a daily routine for many. It is no sin to make a mistake but it is important to learn from that mistake. Share market runs on the basis on emotions and you need to control your emotions to make most out of it. Learn from the mistakes that you made in past and invest for the future.

12. Dont intraday trade unless you are professional
Intraday trading is one aspect of market that lures many but most of the people fail to make money out of it. Only those with adequate experience and technical skills live up with profits while other loose on their money. 

Day trading is only for those who are professional and have good technical knowledge. For retail investors its always safe to stay away from this and concentrate on long term investing of delivery stocks.

13. Dont overanalyze nor completely forget about your investments
Always make sure you dont over analyse the investments. Dont track your portfolio daily it should not become your daily task. Rather you should have a periodic check on your investments and take decisions accordingly

14. Dont buy because everybody is buying
Share market is a place where you will see people running after stocks because everybody is buying. You need to stick to your own plan and go as per your own strategy rather than anybody else advice.
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8 great ways how you can increase youtube channel subscribers

February 24, 2018
8 great ways how you can increase youtube channel subscribers
how to increase youtube subscribers

Video content is the most influential thing that we have in today's fast growing Internet world. Youtube is one of the most visited places for watching videos. YouTube is also the single most video watching site that has no real competition as of now. 

Getting your videos up and running on YouTube is easy but getting high channel subscribers is a bit difficult especially if you are new to this world. But if you try few things and keep the focus, it can done and you could get real success. 

Here are few simple but important things you need to do that will help you figure out on how to grow a youtube channel fast.

1. Create great content
First things first. Creating great and original content is the most important thing you need to focus not only initially but throughout. Else otherwise people will stop coming to your channel. You should focus more on the content rather than marketing tactics initially and once you have sufficient content to showcase you can work on publicity, marketing to increase those numbers. Remember viral content is not an accident it really takes efforts to produce that masterpiece which could go viral. 

Your content need to be engaging which will keep people hooked up to your videos and will automatically get them subscribed for more. You should produce videos that are informative and give something back to the viewers. Don't just put fillers to increase the video time; rather focus on main thing once you have the intro initially. 

You should also focus on producing videos that are evergreen for you will be able to rip the benefits for long. Producing seasonal content can be good but becomes invalid and thus return on investment will be hampered. Use good tools to edit your videos, take time and do proper finishing before you go live with it. 

Remember one good video can do things that even hundreds of average videos cannot do. In-fact some of the most successful channels have very few videos uploaded and they are doing pretty good. So remember one thing, the most important thing is the content rest all is secondary and comes later.

2. Keep proper frequency of uploading
In order to keep the channel growing you need to make sure you are up living with it. You need to make sure your channel remains live with uploads with a frequency that is neither too high nor too low. You should have a schedule when you would upload the videos.

Most channel follow their own timings and upload videos accordingly. It could be 1 video per month, or 2 videos per week. Whatever it is, it should be good enough for your viewers. Remember consistency is key. You cannot let it go just like that. You can not upload 1 video per 6 months and wait for your subscribers to grow. You should be able to produce the content that satisfies the demand of your subscribers.

3. Ask viewers to subscribe upfront
Now this is a very important thing. You need something, you ask for it. Go and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel upfront. This is not rude nor this is greedy and believe me your viewers wont dislike it. And this has a great results, you can tell your viewers to subscribe either at the start of the video or at the end both work great but remember to keep it small else the videos itself will be go down. 

You can also mention about clicking he bell icon for notification. This is very simple trick yet many people ignore or avoid it fearing backfiring it. Also make sure you do this with every video and be consistent with this. You need not be shy of this as this is what you want and obviously the viewers will subscribe if yo have good content and expect same in future.

4. Create custom thumbnails for videos
This is a very important thing most people forget and ignore. Make sure each and every video of yours has a custom personalised thumbnail. If you don't chose it, the system automatically take one randomly from the video which may not be appealing enough for your audience. Make sure you put a thumbnail that is catchy and best signifies what the video is all about. What does this do is it increases the click through rate, most people click the videos if they like the thumbnail. 

If people don't click the video itself then there is no question of engaging and subscribing the channel. So keep this clear have a great thumbnail for your video. Also make sure you have the best representational pic else its may disappoint the viewers and lower your value so be careful with this.

5. Use proper tools for video making and editing
Make sure you use proper tools to make your videos as best as possible. Editing the videos is an art and not all can do this but if you take hep from technology, tools then anyone can achieve the creativity. Remember video quality and presentation is a very high factor to ignore. Make sure you find out those tools that best suit you.

Don't hesitate to pay that reasonable amount, for you may make more money from the video than what you may have spent. Also make sure you use proper camera for shooting the videos. Who wants to watch those blurred, less clear videos anyways. So make sure you have proper camera for shooting.

6. Be yourself, keep things simple
Make sure your videos are reflection of what your are and not something that does not define you. It is very important to produce content that is genuine and delivered directly from the heart. Also don't complicate things and keep things simple as possible. Your niche could be anything but you may not know everything so be straight and pass in things that you really know about else just admit you are not aware about those things. This could pass the right message to your audience and you will develop the connection.

Remember YouTube is a community, so you need to work on developing connections with your audience. Interact with your viewers though comments, produce more videos that could answer followup questions that your viewers had in the previous video. This will make them feel special and they will come back to watch every video of yours.

7. Get the video length correct
There is not definite time length for this but make sure your videos are neither too long nor too short. You need to judge on this and produce video that exactly delivers what you wanted to. Don't drag too long, keep it sweet and short. Deliver to the point and if need break it into parts and upload multiple videos otherwise. 

Even if you are covering in depth topic make sure you are to the point and move on. You also need to judge on the basis of past history as to which videos of yours did well and need to decide on the length of videos. 

8. Get the video title and description work for you 
Remember SEO is not only for blogging but also for video search. Video title and description are very important and you need to get them correct. This will not only help get your videos searched better but also rank you higher in the search page. 

You need to keep both the title and description natural but include keywords that most people are likely to search. Have a description that is more meaningful and explains what the video is all about. You may also include credits and other important stuff.
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15 Great ways to make money online

February 24, 2018
15 Great ways to make money online
make money online

Internet boom has made everything possible in today's world. You don't really have to go anywhere physically even to make money these days. There are lots of option available which help you make money sitting right there on a chair near your computer table. 

You can easily make a living sitting at home doing the job from you computer screen. Here are some great options to earn money online without investment. These are realistic online money making ways that anyone can try.

1. Start a Blogg
Blogging is one of the hot favourite way to make money online. Its an old technique that many people use and it works really well if you have good traffic to your blog. There are lots of ways you can monetise your content and make money. You can implement various advertising strategies and generate income through your blog. 

You could also sell your own products on your blog and make money. You can also implement affiliated marketing on your blog and do the sales. One important thing here to consider is the traffic, you need lot of traffic to make some actual money through blog.

2. Start a YouTube Channel
YouTube is a great place to make money. You can start your own channel and start monetising the videos. You can use google ads on your videos and make money or you can also get advertisers on your own. Many people make lot of money through YouTube. You need to produce good quality video content on regular basis and make sure you have sufficient subscribers. 

The income generated depends on the views that you get and it can really become a revenue generating tool for you. Many people make their living through YouTube channels and is a proven way of making good money. One thing that you need to do is find your niche and focus on that. A good niche with less competition is all what you need and then produce some good content.

3. Create E Books and sell them online
If you are good at writing then you can try creating E-Books on whatever topic you are good at and then sell them on various platforms like amazon Kindle or apple itunes connect. This can be a profitable business if you are able to produce good content. You need to figure out the topic you are best in at and then publish the book.

4. Develop an Android App
Android phones have become very popular and everyone wants to make use of it for making some money. Also android app's have become the basics. You have android app for everything that you can think of. Most websites also have apps for them and it has become a new norm. 

Developing an android app can be profitable if the ideas is good. You need to come up with a unique idea and then create an App for that. You will have enormous opportunities with this if the idea is good. You can take help from developers if you yourself don't know to code.

5. Do Freelance writing
If you are a hobby writer then you can consider online professional writing. There are lots of opportunities for writers online. You can write for blogs, websites and develop yourself as content writer. Since the whole world is currently hooked by the Internet there are enormous opportunities for those with good writing skills. 

There are many freelance websites where you can get your online jobs. Many companies who have web presence prefer freelance writers and thus you will be able to get these offers easily if you have good writing skills. 

6. Take online Surveys
You can get paid for taking surveys. There are websites that deal with this kind of offers where in you need to take survey and then you get paid for this. Depending on the interest you have, you are asked to give your feedback and for each survey you take; you will earn some amount. This depends from site to site but it is worth giving a try if you want to make some money siting at home. Some of the websites that you can try include zoompannel, swagbucks etc.

7. Do freelance coding
If you are a coder then you can try providing your services online on freelance sites like upwork. You need to register and apply for jobs that are posted. You will be able to find projects being posted and then you can bid for them and once you are hired you can deliver and make money. This is a great place if you want to make some extra money part time. You can take projects as per your availability and then deliver.

8. Sell on Amazon or ebay
You can take help from eCommerce sites like ebay or amazon and sell your products, you can also auction products. You can good money by selling products through this and you don't need to be worried about delivery and packaging as amazon takes care of it. 

Here you will be able to avoid the need of having your own eCommerce site and make use of this awesome eCommerce sites to make some great profits.

9. Start an online tutorial classes
If you have some great talent that can be taught through virtual presence then try starting an online classes for same. You can make use existing platforms to start this. You can create E-learning lessons, video classes and sell them to people who want to learn.

10. Become an SEO engineer
If you have good knowledge of search engine optimisation then consider starting an online seo consultant services. New blogs, websites are created every minute and lot of people don't know about seo or just don't have much time to do it. You can be of help to them for which they can pay you. This is  a great idea and can be leveraged sitting at home.

11. Become a logo designer
If you are good at creativity try becoming a logo designer for companies. A lot of companies need people who can design logos for them and you can make money by helping them.

12. Start a Tshirt quote designer websites
T shirts quotes which are funny, intelligent are always in demand so if you have this talent of giving one liners than you can try selling such quotes online to other customers and make money from that. You can also consider selling such printed t-shirts online through the site.

13.Buy and sell domains
 Domain trading is a profitable business but you will need some investment for this. You can buy domains cheap and sell them at highers prices online. But this needs time and investment.

 14. Become share trader
If you have share market knowledge then you can make money siting in your home trading shares everyday. This is a great money making idea if you have proper knowledge of market. You could make load of money through minutes if trades. A lot of people do this as full time job. All you need is good Internet connection and proper knowledge of markets.

 15. Sell photos online
 If you are good at clicking pictures you could make this hobby earn for you. There are lots of websites that buy and sell photos which are original. You can register and try selling there and make some good money.
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13 important things to do for better financial stability and growth

February 23, 2018
13 important things to do for better financial stability and growth
things to do for financial stability
Having a good financial stability is something everyone wants. But to have a financial stability we need to plan properly and start early. Starting early is the key many people fail to do and hence are caught up in instability. Financial planning importance is ignored by many individuals due to lack of knowledge but this should not happen and individuals should plan for long term. Need of financial planning is a very important thing specially for young married people.

As a young individual you need to take decisions and stick to them for long term. It is important to explore and identify best investments to make money for you in long term. Here are some steps than every individual should take so as to achieve a good financial status.

1. Buy a good health insurance
If you are a family man or even single make sure you have sufficient health insurance for you and your family members. Buying health insurance should be the first priority while making a financial planning. You can opt for health insurance plans for family.

Life insurance is one thing that most people neglect. Having a health insurance is utmost important because it is one such thing that can wipe out your savings completely. 

A medical emergency can occur at any time and will eat all your savings at once. Hence it is advisable to have sufficient health cover even before you allocate anything towards investments.

2. Buy term insurance
Term insurance is one thing that every married individual should have. The earlier you take it better it is. Make sure you have sufficient term cover before you allocate for investments. You need to choose the insurance company which has good settlement track record.Also choose the term plan considering various factors like inflation, time period etc.

3. Invest some part of your savings in gold
Gold is one such asset that has always delivered no matter what. Although most people think the returns of gold are lower as compared to other assets but gold price increase has been consistent and is also stable. 

There are no fears when you go for gold and also if you have future gold consumption plans like for example marriage then it is always good to for gold. You may want to allocate some percentage of your capacity in gold. You can keep this to minimum and having amount some invested in gold is always good.

4. Invest in Mutual funds for long term
Mutual funds have been doing good for last few years and it is a very good investment vehicle fr all. You can invest in different types of mutual funds depending on your risk appetite. If you are young then you can go for small cap or mid cap funds. People who have crossed 40 may opt for balanced funds and so on. Mutual funds investment for financial planning is a must these days.

Mutual fund returns are good but need time so make sure you remain invested for long term rather than short term. Remember there are mutual fund options that are high risk high return investments so depending on your age you need to decide your risk appetite.

5. Start mutual fund SIP at early age
Not Starting an mutual fund SIP is a mistake many people do. Make sure you start SIP's at early age. SIP gives a benefits of averaging and investing a small amount over a long period can turn into a huge corpus one day. Make sure you have different sip's for different plans.

6. Invest in Retirement plans
You need to make sure that you have enough of money for your retirement. A saving account will definitely not give you that amount. You need to plan for this at early age and its better to go for retirement plans available in the market. 

You need to make sure you allocate some portion of your monthly income into this. Also need to make sure you don't invest heavily in this as the money will be locked till you turn at least 60 so need to plan accordingly.

7. Don't invest heavily in fixed deposits
Fixed deposits used to be favourite during old times but are no longer attractive as there are better options available in the market. Hence make sure you keep this investment to minimum possible. 

Fixed deposits return rates have come down very much and many other option give more than double of this then why go for fixed deposits. It is only logical. You still can have some portion invested in fixed just for diversification.

8. Invest in ELSS mutual funds
Equity linked savings schemes are great option if you want to save on tax. ELSS helps you in saving tax hence it is a very good option and also returns in these are not bad hence if you have any thinking of doing investments for tax saving then it is a straight forward choice. 

You need to chose a well performing fund and go for it. The money invested here is locked down for at least 3 years so need to plan accordingly before starting the savings. You can also start SIP in ELSS.

9. Keep some cash handy all the time
Keeping money in savings accounts gives nothing but it is always advisable to keep some handy cash ready for emergencies or any other occasions you may need. SO allocate that percentage in saving account always.

10. Use credit card to the minimum
Credit cards are a great things for those who don't have cash and want t spend. Many people carry credits cards and end up spending more than there capability and hence go into financial instability. 

You need to make sure you use your credit card to minimum and responsibly. Having a credit is a great thing but using it without thinking could lend you in trouble so always be careful. Don't use the card as long as you have the cash with you. Or use it only to get the credit card benefits.

11. Don't invest everything in one single asset
Always make sure you diversify your investment in different assets and don't put everything in investment vehicle. remembers the saying "Don't put all your eggs in one single basket" for a single incident could break all your eggs at once. Go for diversification and allocate different percentages as per your risk capacity.

12. Let go if not performing
If any of your investments are not doing good and if there are not much hopes left in the future then it is always better to book losses and let go. You need to take tough decisions at times but it is okay to make mistakes some times. Make sure you do proper research before investing in any assets.

13 Don't buy loans because they are cheaper
Don't buy loans just because the interest rates are less. Go for loans only when absolutely needed and avoid them as far as possible. Also if you have no option but to go for loan then make sure you pay off the loans with maximum of 5 years plan and not more than that. Home loans will have different considerations all together though.

Conclusion : Everyone needs to understand the role of financial planning and should take the action at right time. advantages of financial planning includes it gives you more power, gives more control over your life and makes you stronger in life.
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Business ideas with low investment and high profit anybody can start

January 20, 2018
Business ideas with low investment and high profit anybody can start
business ideas with low investment

Starting a business from scratch is not everybody's cup of tea and any losses incurred specially if you don't have much back up plan could be nasty. People who want to become independent but don't have much to invest are always on the lookout of business ideas that they can start with less investment cost. Not all less investment ideas could be profitable and needs proper insights before starting. Here are some low cost business ideas that anybody can implement and become successful. But remember you need to do a little bit of extra research before you start.

1. Start a mobile repair Service.
Mobile devices are mostly used personal appliances and any business that deals with mobile is bound to succeed as the customer base or user's are huge. While starting a plain mobile service could be a common business but you can put a twist and start something little bit different. Like for example you could make it pick up from home, repair and deliver back service  or something different that will make you different. 

You can also make this a part time do from home job. You will need to take training for this and once you up your skills there will be no limit. This can be a best business in village area. You could go on and start chain of shops, you could open mobile vans that go to remote locations and deliver the services etc

2. Start a mobile Breakfast serving van
Good breakfast is something that everyone wants. Breakfast is something that defines your full day mood. What better then starting a service that will help others get their mood right and stomach happy. This will need minimum investment and you can finish the days work even before others start theirs. This business idea with minimum investment can be profitable if done rightly but needs proper research and commitment.

You can have a van built for placing the cooking appliances and other stuff. This could be a great business idea if done at right places like outside a office place or a college or IT park. This will be a huge return business since minimum time is needed for this and since you wont own a place and thus related liabilities are nullified. This is among the most successful small business ideas and can be a good money generating business for people with right attitude and commitment.

3. Start a tiffin service
Starting a tiffin service could be profitable and you can run this from own house. Bachelors, hostalites are always looking for home made food. If you can give them good home made food at reasonable rates you are bound to grow. You may find hotels everywhere but finding good home cooked food is difficult. Taking help from this problem you could build a business that exactly solves this issue for bachelors, college goers who are living on their own. This is in fact one of the hot favourite business ideas in india for beginners.

But remember providing quality home cooked food will the most important aspect of this business as otherwise you may loose your customers. You need to heavily focus on quality and not only on increasing your customers. A good satisfied customer here would mean a lot in future as a publicity of mouth would grow your business on own. This can even be a business for ladies sitting at home, you would however need someone to deliver the tiffin though.

4. Provide gardening services
Gardening services is another upcoming business ideas in india and has a great potential. This is a great idea and could be much profitable if you develop proper skills and have specialised tools. Initially you may have to hunt for customers but as you continue with this getting new customer wont be difficult. Also customer may pay you good if you provide them with quality and specialised services. This is a unique idea and suitable for populated cities with growing flat culture. You could specialise as terrace gardening service and provide different services that unique.

5. Interior decoration
Interior decoration is one of the business ideas with low investment and high profit. However this could be a suitable idea for those who have good creativity. Interior decoration is an old idea but only those succeed who have good creative skills. You can categorise your services with different types and provide services to all sections. 

Not all go for specialised decorators specially because it costs extra so you could target those you like to spent little less. You could develop yourself as specialised decorators with less budget. Most people shy away from interior decorators as they think it may cost them big, you could take advantage from this and target people with less budget.

6. Packers and Movers business
This business model is of great profitability if implemented with proper methodology. This however may need little bit extra investment but can be implemented for smaller as well as larger cities even though there will already be competition for you.

7. Start a dance class academy.
Extra curricular activities are given high importance these days by both parents as well as teachers. You could start a dance academy even though you yourself may not be a dance teacher. You could get dance teachers to come toy your dance academy for teaching. This can in fact be a small investment business from home. You can start the dance class academy in your home if you have extra room.

Targeting school goers as customers could work well. Parents are also ready to pay for such activities as they are already convinced that extra curricular activities are as important as academic excellence specially urban population. You could get multiple teachers come and take the classes, have batches running at different timings. 

You will need classroom for this so having own place would be great as you will not have to pay for high rent. This could be profitable if you do proper marketing of your academy. Tie up with small schools or other tuition classes could be a good idea from where you could get students easily.

8. Start a mobile ice cream parlour
Everyone loves Ice creams and if you can give them some great authentic flavours then this could be successful. Utilising  van for this could get you away from other physical shop liability and you can brand yourself as mobile ice cream parlour. Here again quality matters and if you could develop some great ice cream flavours then it will help you grow faster.

9. Start a life insurance agency
Life insurance is something that should be bought by everyone but very less people buy it. Your job will mostly be to convince people buy it and if you are able to find customers your chances of succeeding are high. If you have right skills this can be a very highly profitable small business. You basically need skills of persuading to become successful in this area. It will need minimum investment. You could also go mobile with a van and target people outside offices or other places where you are likely to get office goers.

10. Antique article Gallery
You can start a shop that sells or exhibits antique and old items. You could buy them from other people cheap and sell them at higher prices in the showroom. For this you may have to build a network from where you could get the items. This will be successful in places where tourists visit or urban high class areas where people are wiling to spend on such items.
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