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31 reasons why every business should have a Facebook page

December 31, 2017
31 reasons why every business should have a Facebook page
reasons to use facebook for your business

Facebook is probably the next big thing that has happened after the search engine giant "Google" in web world. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the most wealthier man on the planet. It looks like the number of people using internet has increased mostly because of Facebook.

Developing countries like India has seen a huge increase in Facebook users. Almost everybody in united states has presence on Facebook. Right from a school going kid to a 70 year old, all of them are busy using Facebook. No doubt having a Facebook page becomes a things of high importance for businesses.There are lots of benefits of Facebook for business. Here are top 31 reasons why every business should have a Facebook page.

1. Facebook page costs nothing. It is for free and anybody can create it. Having a free Facebook page could be much more beneficial than spending thousand of dollars in other online advertising. You can also have paid Facebook ads to further boost your campaigns. 

2. Almost everybody is on Facebook. You can reach out to countless people to advertise your product, service. The number of users that have presence on Facebook has no match. Close to around 2 billion people are on Facebook.

3. Having a Facebook page is good for search engine optimization. Google may have not made it public that social media shares do count towards how results are displayed on its search engine but as per most SEO specialists social media shares do count towards SEO.

4. Having a Facebook page enhances your brand. Every other brand has Facebook page and it send a positive impression about your business to your customers. Facebook in itself is the biggest brand and having your presence on it makes it better for your business.

5. You can send updates to all your followers within seconds. One great things about Facebook page is you can reach out to your customers easily. Your posts will appear on user Facebook stories and you will be able to connect with your desired fans within no time.

6. You Get huge traffic from Facebook page once you post your links on you page. Facebook happens to be a great place to generate that extra traffic for your website or blog. Its a great way to enhance the traffic without much efforts if you have large fan following for your Facebook page.

7. You can connect with your customers in more personalized way. Facebook helps you get to your customers Facebook personal page in a unique way. This helps in building the close connect with your customer.

8. Not Having a Facebook page is an advantage to your competitor. If you are not present on Facebook that automatically gives a edge to your competitors. Why would you want to give that advantage to you customer and thus give away the customers?

9. You can spy on your competitor and also get to know whats happening in the business area you are working. Facebook is a great online place where gossips happen, discussion are done and it is one stop solution to find out whats happening in your area of interest. You definitely don't want to miss on that.

10. Nice place to generate new leads. Facebook is a great revenue generating tool for all kinds of businesses. Which business would want to miss on that?

11. A huge number of people actually use Facebook through APP on their mobile phones. So having a Facebook page will actually make you more accessible.

12. Build loyalty with your customers. Facebook is a great social media connect tool where you can directly get to know the feedback from your customers. Staying connected with your customers on Facebook will increase loyalty.

13. Facebook insights are of great help to understand what your customers want, what they like the most and what improvement you may need.

14. Facebook is a great teacher. It will help you in planning your business from the feedback that you get on Facebook page through different means like Facebook insight, shares, comments, likes, user engagements

15. Go global with Facebook. With Facebook you can target audience around the whole world. There are hardly any countries that don't allow use of Facebook. So Facebook is a great place if you want to target global customers.

16. Take polls on Facebook to understand your customers better. Polls can give you proper insights and help understand your customer better.

17. Facebook helps in building trust. Having a Facebook page helps in building long lasting trust with your customers.

18. Not having a Facebook page these days could make your customers think that your business or services is not branded. Having Facebook page for your business has become a new normal

19. You can validate and see the response of your existing or new customers on launch of new product or service. It s a great place to foresee before going big on anythings and thus help in planning for future.

20. Notify all you customers on one shot. Send them updates, new offerings, discount updates from your Facebook page.

21. Facebook is a great place to collect data about your customers in legit way to offer better. These can help you serve better.

22. You build a community, family of your customers through a Facebook page.

23. It really shows your social side and keeps the connection going.

24. You can save on advertising budget with Facebook page and put that money to some other product development.

25. Facebook may help you in generating new ideas for products, services. It can help in developing an idea that you may have never thought of. These can happen through comments that you get from your customers on Facebook page, posts.

26. You get to know more about your actual customers. How many are men, how many are women. What age people buy your products and so on. Facebook insight helps in finding out more on people who like your posts, page, comment or share your posts.

27. 100 million people from united states use Facebook. USA is a great market and everybody wants to do business in USA. This is a great indicator if you have any plans for united states.

28. People spend a lot of time on Facebook. People remain active on Facebook for more time than any other website. You would definitely don't want to miss on that.

29. Facebook is a user web with every user connected to minimum of hundred friends. Thus using Facebook can give you a infinite user reach. Your reach will keep growing if you try with proper direction and effort.

30. You can upload videos, images on Facebook thus making the interaction with customers more easy and more fruitful.

31. You can use Facebook events to publicise events of your business and reach as many people as possible.
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Saturday, 23 December 2017

40 reasons why your twitter followers are leaving you

December 23, 2017
40 reasons why your twitter followers are leaving you

Twitter is a very popular social connect medium where billions of people come together. Twitter for business use is very important and having a huge follower base is something that all crave for. 

Since a twitter user can unfollow you anytime, it becomes an equally tough job of retaining the already following user. There are lots of small and deadly mistakes that can happen and lead to people un following you. Here are 40 reasons why people may unfollow you and even why new people are not following you.

1. You are spamming. You keep tweeting about irrelevant things, you keep firing tweets with no logic or sense. Such spamming will definitely make you loose your followers in big way.

2. You are tweeting way too much. You keep tweeting stuff every now and then. It may be good content but tweeting way too much will make your followers go crazy.

3. You are forcefully trying to sell them. Selling things on tweeter through those links is great but constantly tweeting about stuff you want to sell can lead to negative impact.

4. You dont have good content to share with your followers. Your tweets look ordinary with no real value to followers

5. Your twitter account has gone dry. You tweeted ages back. You need to make sure you tweet with proper frequency so as to keep your account live and engaged.

6. You tweet but not enough or tweet during odd times when nobody is up to read them. Like tweeting at 2AM in the morning. Who you think would be there to see them? and will naturally be lost in the fresh tweets coming in early morning.

7. You used tool to schedule random tweets. Random things may not remain valid in future and may cost you badly if the scenarios change.

8. You are not following anybody or following very less people. This is debatable as many celebrities have millions of followers and they hardly follow anybody. For a business twitter handle or anybody who wants to use twitter as revenue generating tool need to understand that not following anybody or following very less people may sometime be disadvantageous.

9. You don't indulge or tweet anything about current happening around the country or world. Even when the biggest of biggest event occur you are still behind your own stuff tweeting about it. A small tweet about major things happening could make your followers to feel connected.

10. You constantly tweet about off topics.

11. You tweet lots of pictures and no words. Pictures are definitely equal to thousand words but no real words may sometime take away the credit from pictures. Tweeting pics is great but you cant keep doing that. Followers want to hear from you.

12. You are not sharing videos of your own. Followers follow you because they like you and they want to know more from you and what is better than a video. Not doing this may take them some where else. Ad thus they may not have the need of following you.

13. You occasionally share religious tweets that hurt sentiments of some group of people.

14. You tweet strong political views from your account. Having a political opinions is great, you should have them but for business related twitter handles it may not go well and may cause people stay away from you.

15. Your tweets are boring. You dont add occasional humour or funny things in your tweets. You always remain serious with your tweets.

16. You are not responding to people who are following you. Your followers may be looking for replies from you and not doing so may put them off. If the followers base is very high then it may not be possible for you to reply all. But replying here and there should keep your followers engaged and connected. 

17. You have not verified your account with twitter. Verified tweeter accounts are gems and if you happen to be known person you can give a shot and see if it gets verified.

18. You dont have your own picture as twitter profile pic. Using random pics could hamper your brand, thus if you are an individual its always good to use your own pic.

19. You dont have good bio about you on twitter profile description.

20. You constantly post links in tweets. May be to your own blog articles or any other articles. Constanly doing this could be negative.

21. You don't at all re-tweet what other popular people are tweeting.

22. Your tweets are low quality and does not have sense in it.

23. You dot use hastags enough in your tweets. Using hastags is important in tweeting as it gets all tweets on those tweeter pages but also styles your tweet greatly.

24. You are tweeting about old stuff that is already known to people or is outdated. You are probably making them bore.

25. You tweet with all caps. All CAPS IN A TWEET? that looks terrible and will definitely not create good impression. At time you may want to use all caps for a word or a small sentence but constantly tweeting with all caps could be disaster.

26. You get on a fight with one of your followers.

27. You tweet and disappear for days. This can turn off your followers if they want more on the topic. They could be waiting for your reply. And if you are unavailable to answer or reply that may lead to make your follower think that you don't care.

28. You endorsed a product that went terribly wrong for the followers which they bought because of you. When you endorse or advertise a product, the people that follow you buy it because of you. Keeping trust on your expertise or brand. Any failure from product also puts onus on you and may decrease your value among your followers.

29. You are not real while tweeting. You make up stuff and that is not actual you. Things like this seem unlikely but people do come to know if you are real or not. Tweeting your heart out is really important and this may actually get you more followers.

30. You keep re tweeting from completely off topic people or twitter handles. It is very important to make sure you give your audience for what they have followed you else this may make them feel the need of leaving you.

31. You are sharing things that are too personal. Your followers are mostly interested in receiving things in what you are good at. Sharing personal things here and there could do no real harm but going too personal and too often can definitely lead to un follows.

32. Your tweets are too tough to understand, either you post something that is difficult for your audience to understand or you are complicating things.

33. Your tweets are Demeaning to others. May be to some other competitor or any other person who may or may not be your follower.

34. Either you directly post hateful tweets or mean it by not saying it directly. Either ways followers are intelligent enough to understand what it means.

35. You had bought followers which were low quality. Such followers will always leave you one day for sure. And how does those even add any values anyways. Thumb rule. keep away from buying low quality followers.

36. Your tweets sound arrogant. You need to use your words carefully, a small mistake can cost you much.

37. You are using a very low quality profile pic on your twitter handle

38. You are using too many hashtags making it difficult for followers to even read your tweet.

39. You mention too many people in your tweets. Making followers think that tweets are only for people tagged.

40. You followed someone so that he can follow you and then you un-followed him.
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Thursday, 21 December 2017

6 ways technology can be used for better education and learning

December 21, 2017
6 ways technology can be used for better education and learning
using technology in education

Technology has been booming for past years and its use in education cannot be underestimated. While classroom education has remained the core of system, technology can be used to improve the overall learning. Here are 6 different amazing ways on how to use technology in education. One thing however we need to keep in mind is that all techniques may not be used everywhere and has to be done with careful thoughts

1. Video Streaming and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way of communication and it has helped a lot in businesses and personal communications. Video conferencing is by far the best communication technology for conducting meetings between people who are separated by miles. 

Video conferencing is not only a tool for personal or business related use but can also be put into use for education purposes. It can be used to enhance the learning experience in schools or colleges. Video conferencing can be used to expand the reach of classroom for bringing in students from multiple places or getting in teachers from remote locations far away from the classroom. 

Many times when schools need those most experienced and information rich teacher give a guest lecture, video conferencing can come into great use. Getting a great speaker actually come in your classroom can be a bigger task and thus remote conferencing can be used to solve this problem.

Video conferencing allows instant connect between teacher and students no matter how far they are. Video conferencing can also provide with virtual field trips while the students sit in their classrooms. Actual physical field trips are great but may not possible all the time, at such times video conferencing or video streaming can be used.

 Not only this students can work with other students which are far away for collaborated projects and knowledge sharing. This can give a very enriching learning experience and lead to better development of students. 

Video sharing platforms like YouTube can be used for sharing video lectures and other learning material. This can lead to increased interest of students in learning. Creating own videos and getting students engaged on them rather then giving homework could also be an option but will need teachers more time on this.

2. Use Animations In Learning

Animation can also be used in enhancing education and thus generate interest of students who dislike learning through books. Animations can be used to teach specific subjects and it gives lots for advantages. It helps in delivering the learning content better, animations can make difficult things look very easy for understanding. 

Learning through Animations can be fun and children learn faster if they are having fun while learning. Animation can help apply imagination and enable students to do rational thinking. Animation teaching are engaging and helps students in positive interaction. 

Thus animations, if designed properly can lead to significantly enhancing the learning capabilities of students. Teachers or schools or students themselves can make use of free or paid animation resources and put them to better use.

3. Put Social media to good use

It is no secrete that every other student is using social media to great extent. Social media is generally used for connecting with people and for entertainment. It can however also be used for better education and learning if used with thoughtfulness. It can be a very useful tool for imparting education specially considering the amount of time children spend on social media. This can be done in a fun and engaging way so that it does not look like traditional boring school learning. 

There are many social media platforms that can be used for this. Facebook in one of the most popular and highly used social networking site. As an example,  teacher can create a Facebook page that is basically for learning and sharing useful content. 

It can get students to engage online and get even those to participate who generally don't participate in live class. Twitter could be used in a unique manner where in hastag's could be used to share resources and commenting facts or information about things that you learned in class. This could be more engaging and will lead to fun learning.

There are countless possibilities if done with proper thought and it will always be good as long as it enhances the learning capabilities. Social media platforms can be used effectively if teachers know how to use them. This can look to be waste of time but if done with proper insight could actually gain results. Also this may not work in  all cases, so it has to be tried and tested.

4. Encourage use of Learning websites and Web resources

The internet is crowded with tools, resources that can impart education and in a very unique way. In this booming internet age one can learn anything anytime. Online classes, learning websites are freely available for anyone. Students, teachers can utilize these resources for better learning. In today's world what we need is to understand concepts and not facts. 

Concept based learning can be done through online resources which is abundant in availability. Your resources are virtually infinite and the knowledge gets updated and upgraded with time. 

There are several website that are available for learning and are free. You can learn anything and everything on the web, you only need to figure out from where to get it. With android popularity you can also get the learning material on your hand phone through App's. 

In this web friendly world there is no excuse to not learning anything that you want to learn. You have abundance of resources available through internet and web, if put to correct use could be highly beneficial and thus yield amazing results overall.

5. Android App's for Learning, Also build your own

Mobile phone have become so popular that everybody owns it now. Even school children bring them to schools. Schools do ban them as they find it as nuisance and of no great use for children's studying in school. Mobile phones however can also be used for improving the learning system; if done with some creative thoughts. 

Android apps can be of great use for learning and getting students engaged while imparting education in a unique way. There are App's that give learning courses free and some are personalised apps that cost you. Overall if App's are used with proper control can help in improving the learning experience. 

Schools, colleges can also make their own app's and roll out learning through it. They can also make use of it for interaction with students, parents. Internet, app's are for 24 hours while classroom have their own timings. 

Thus this methodology can break the timing rule and impart learning anytime, anywhere. All in all if done with smart thinking even android apps can change the learning experience.

6. Put technology to improve reading habits

Reading books of different varieties specially for children and college goers is a very important thing. People who read more normally find it easier to make decisions, plan and execute in life. Reading has huge power and this fact is accepted by all. 

When it comes to reading through paper books it has its own advantages and disadvantages. In today's digital world we have lot of options to ditch paper and go digital. 

There are option of e-reading that make it fun and advantageous. E-readers like amazon kindle have various features that help in a much better reading experience. 

Parent and teachers however need to show students how exactly to use this devices and make sure online access is cut off so that time is not wasted on other entertainments online.
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

7 reasons why flipkart is a big success in India

December 19, 2017
7 reasons why flipkart is a big success in India
7 reasons why flipkart is a big success in India

Flipkart the online shopping store in India was launched by 2 ex amazon employees who returned to india after quitting it. Sachin Bansal and Binny bansal had passed out from Indian Institute of technology from Delhi before joining Amazon. 

They founded Flipkart in the year 2007 which started selling primarily books. Flipkart today is a huge success and has become an example of how a startup should be. 

It has developed a huge satisfied customer base and thus has been climbing ladder of success and growth. Its valuation has been hitting new heights and investors have been pouring in huge money. Here are 7 reason why flipkart became so successful,

1. Excellent Customer Service

One of the top reasons why flipkart is so successful is because of the customer service it has provided to its customer. In online shopping customer trust is the biggest factor without which retaining new customer is a mountainous task. Considering this, flipkart has done a great job by providing excellent customer service strategy. 

Flipkart seem to have put a lot of money in getting the customer service right while the other online players were spending heavily on marketing. It has been striding towards achieving new goals of better customer service and that seems to have worked for them. 

"A happy retained customer is much better than acquiring an unsatisfied new customer" a business strategy that flipkart may have understood well. This also seems to be their prime reason behind sustained growth and new highs. 

Flipkart has been keeping that birds eye on customers ever evolving needs. Flipkart customer service department's excellent way of resolving customer issue with better coordination has stood out and thus gained customer trust in big way. Quick resolution to the issue, is all what customers needs and flipkart has been delivering very nicely on that front.

2. Exceptional Supply chain

One of the biggest differentiating factor between flipkart and other eCommerce stores in India is the supply chain management. 

They have their own logistics branch "Ekart" which operates as a different entity itself. In the earlier days however they had tied up with other delivery companies and were able to get the deliveries done with high efficiency. 

Before flipkart came into existence people had to wait for days to get their delivery but flipkart completely changed the delivery services in India. With their own separate delivery service entity they have high command over delivery and thus they are able to make sure they stay ahead of their competitors. 

Flipkart seem to have understood the high importance of speedy delivery very early in their beginning period and hence floated their own independent branch of delivery.

3. Has been offering heavy Discounts time and again

Initially when the flipkart was started it worked as an online book store that gave huge discounts and thus managed to get attention from the customers. Books are generally a high margin products and thus they managed to give those discounts. This was their early customer acquisition strategy. Since then flipkart offered products across many more genres.

 One of the prime reasons why customers go online is because they get discounts. flipkart has been giving discounts on many products and thus has managed to get more customers year after year. It has been organising those big days where you get everything with heavy discounts. 

"Big Billion day" for example is a great deal day that they started, other's too started their own but flipkart was able to make more out of it then any other eCommerce store.

4. Smart marketing Strategy

Flipkart has ran a successful brand campaign and hence its brand value has increased manifolds. Their television advertising strategy has been great and has given them more popularity. 

They have also been targeting the online audience through YouTube and other channels. They have nicely managed to target the Indian youth and thus managed to get more customers.

 They have also been tying up with bigger events happening in country and this has been benefiting them much. One if their very interesting featured ad has kids portraying as adults which has been a hit and has caught attention of many. Such marketing tactics have benefited them unlike other online eCommerce players.

5. Managed huge Investments

Ever since flipkart came into existence it was able to get the attention from from investors. Flipkart has manged to get in lot of money via investors time and again. eCommerce industry needs lots of money to be poured in if it has to become successful. Flipkart was able to get the trust of such investors. 

2014 was a big year for flipkart when manged to get whooping $1.9 billion from investors. This was a huge sum and could definitely put silicon valley startups to shame. Flipkart apart from expanding its product listing has also aqcruired quite a lot of companies. 

It was able to submerge and acquire myntra its own rival and alter also got jabong under its banner. It spent almost $300 million on myntra. Apart from this it also acquired Mime360, PhonePe and few others. It has also been trying to get snapdeal under its belt.

6. Product Diversification and expansion

Starting as on Online Bookstore that gave good discounts, flipkart managed to diversify itself into almost everything. Right from electronics to fashion it has almost everything that you could buy.

 In the initial days it managed to get those customers through discounts and rapidly expanded and listed products across many genres. Having such diverse products also helped it retaining customers as they could buy all things from their trusted online store and that too with discounts. 

Flipkart has every kind of product on it but is mostly shopped by electronics good buyers like mobile phones, laptops and other electronic items.

7. Good return policy

One of the issue's that online customers has to face is returning the bought products if found not suitable. Flipkarts straightforward return and exchange policy has also been one of the major factors for its success. 

Flipkart has a very good return policy that allows users to return products in a 30 days time and full refund or exchange in some products. The return procedure is simple and returned products are taken back by flipkart delivery boys in the similar manner they are delivered. 

Implementing such a policy was essential in the beginning so as to gain the customer trust and flipkart was successful in doing that.
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

10 Reasons why youtube is popular

December 13, 2017
10 Reasons why youtube is popular
why youtube is popular

1. Free access to countless videos
One of the most fascinating things about YouTube is that it gives free access to countless videos that are created by people around the world. Initially when it was launched; it was the only site of its type and still remains the most popular and successful. 

YouTube allows its users to watch videos free of cost and also anybody can upload videos as long as as they have a google account. 

You also need not be logged in to YouTube to watch the videos. This free service makes it a great site and also has been the reason for its success. 

YouTube is basically videos by the people for the people and the model has worked great for YouTube.

YouTube produces tons of videos everyday that are watched by millions of  people across world.

2. YouTube Video makers can earn money. Like a lot of money!

make money through youtube

Once the video is uploaded on YouTube it is available for millions of people to watch and thus has a huge potential of generating a large audience. Making a living from YouTube is not something surprising and many people do it for real.

With the kind of audience you have on YouTube, it is not a big thing. Obviously, the money wont come immediately. It definitely take some skills and sizeable audience for your videos or channel to make money. 

More than 5 billion videos get watched on YouTube every day and approximately 30 million users visit YouTube every day.

That's a very big chunk of people. 

And thus makes it easy for video creators to monetize it. Allowing to monetize videos is a big factor in getting people to create those new videos every day and thus making it a system "by the people for the people". There are several up-loaders who are making six figure income through their channels on YouTube.

3. It gives Education. Its a great platform for Knowledge sharing.

online education using youtube

A very good thing about YouTube is that one can learn anything from the videos uploaded. 

There are videos of anything you can think of. 

You have pool of resources who are experts in their fields, providing details through the best possible way of sharing, that is the video sharing. 

Many of the established educational institutions have YouTube channels to share the lectures, tutorials or news online. Education or knowledge through this medium has become more exciting and there are many individuals who are contributing to this. 

With YouTube available to anybody anywhere the teaching or the online education possibilities are actually endless. The potential has reached to almost new heights. 

YouTube is reaching countries around the globe and it is accessible from almost everywhere and it is growing day by day. There are lots of education channels that serve millions of people to learn new things, learn about anything that is interesting and that too free of cost.

4. It is Easy to watch and upload videos

how to upload videos on youtube

One of the very reason why YouTube is popular is because it has users who upload videos on their own. 

Uploading a video on YouTube is easy and anybody can have channel of their own as long as you have presence on google. 

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site and if you want to have a vlog than it is must to upload it on YouTube. 

There are many big banner film making companies that run YouTube Channels, after all YouTube has a user base that exceeds billions. And today nearly 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos rather than traditional live Television. YouTube is also the creator of most HD videos that you can find online, nearly 10% of the videos are High definition. 

YouTube creates unique content that gets a very large audience and thus attracts millions of views. YouTube therefore naturally attracts creative filmmakers who share their amazing pieces on YouTube Online. 

YouTube is definitely the modern day online television where you can choose what to watch, when to watch.

5. Contains vast amount of videos on almost every topic or genre

youtube video types

YouTube became more popular by 2006 and thus managed to get the attention from the tech giants like Microsoft, Yahoo who reportedly were looking to buy YouTube. 

Google, who had the financial capability to spend in billions acquired YouTube at $1.65 billion. 

YouTube at that time however; was  not making much money but had the potential of becoming the success it is today. Google was able to see the future and rightly acquired YouTube. 

From the first ever video that was uploaded on YouTube, it has managed to store videos of unimaginable lengths and hours. 

More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily.Whooping 5 Billion videos get watched on YouTube daily. 

There are thousands and thousands of full length movies available on YouTube. As they say in Search Engine Optimization terms "Content is King", in that sense YouTube is "king of kings" when it comes to content. After all the videos are uploaded by its users. 

The whole idea of users creating and sharing the videos is the winner. 

With the evolution of mobile devices YouTube garnered more growth and nearly 50% of its views come from mobile devices. The number of hours people spend watching videos on YouTube has grown exponentially. You search for a topic on YouTube and you will find handful of videos providing you the best video material.

6. You always get something new and fresh to watch

With so many channels operating on YouTube you always get something new to watch.

You will always find new trending topic videos flashing on your YouTube home page. YouTube is able to create a more personal relationship with its viewers. 

Its like personalised television just for you where in you can choose what to watch and what not to, How long to watch and when to turn it off. 

It really allows to let viewers know what is happening around the world using finger tips. There are numerous news channels that broadcast news and current happenings on YouTube. Almost all big brands have their presence on YouTube. This ability to generate huge content also answers the question how did youtube become so successful.

7. Opens up Business Opportunity for everyone

make money through youtube

Nothing is more attention seeker than a well crafted and directed video. 

TV ads have been traditional choice of businesses to showcase their products to the vast audience. YouTube is an online TV for people who can watch anything anytime. With the number of users getting hooked on YouTube it is the best place for advertisers to hunt for new leads and also make a lasting impression on consumers. 

YouTube is a very high demand platform where products are advertised and people are wooed into buying. It provides the best medium to reach to the million of people across globe. 

YouTube also provides varied strategies of marketing and thus advertisers can target the audience group according to their product. YouTube thus creates a great opportunity for businesses to sell their products. And with video monetize option up-loaders or channel owners can also make money from their successful videos.

8. Watch Videos Offline

YouTube also offers an option of saving videos offline using android or IOS mobile devices. You can use youtube offline downloader to download and watch YouTube videos offline. This option is however not available for desktop machines. This feature was lately introduced and is a great option if you want to watch videos offline. 

The saved video can be watched later without internet connectivity. This feature however is not available with all videos and some videos do not give the option of downloading. Features likes this is what makes YouTube unique.

9. Sharing YouTube videos is easy

YouTube videos can be easily shared on other social networking platforms like Facebook. Facebook is the second ranked site from where YouTube gets views first obviously is YouTube.com 

YouTube videos can also be shared on other social networking platforms like google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit or Slideshare. You can use youtube share button and share the video to desired platform easily

10.You can make animated GIF from a portion of a YouTube video

GIF is a hugely popular way of sharing things on social media and gets a huge reaction from users. Making GIF's is a skill and you can also make your GIF's through YouTube videos. You can use the YouTube URL and then generate the GIF from Gifs.com. Visit here for step by step guide for creating GIF from YouTube video.

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