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Sunday, 25 February 2018

10 things to consider before buying a laptop

things to consider before laptop

When you plan to buy a new laptop it is very important to do proper research , map your requirements with the available features and then finalize the model. It is very important to understand what are the specifications of a good laptop. Prioritizing your requirements, price and then comparing would be a good way to finalize the brand and model. Here are 10 factors that should be considered before buying a new laptop.

1. Processor
Processor is the most important factor every one needs to take into consideration before you buy a laptop. This is the heart of the engine and this is one thing that will be responsible for the overall performance of your device. A processor controls how efficiently the programs will run, multitasking will depend on the processor too. You need to decide on the kind of usage of your laptop and then decide the kind of processor you want to have. 

Processors keep getting better with years and they are priced accordingly, so you need to understand your requirement and opt for the one that suits you best. Intel is currently the best processor maker and there is hardly any major competitor apart from AMD. Intel has variety of processors for different usages for example Intel atom, celeron to number of i series processors.

2. RAM
RAM or random access memory is the temporary memory that is used by computer to perform current tasks. Like you want to do multitasks then RAM is the one that is responsible for the efficiency. A more RAM memory would mean your laptop will be able to perform many tasks simultaneously without issues. 

A RAM can be increased depending on the capacity of your laptop. A laptop will come with the maximum memory it can allow, so you need to check for maximum RAM it can accommodate and also the initial RAM it is offering. A good 4 GB RAM is sufficient if your need is for surfing the net or official work. For more rigorous usage you may opt for 8GB or more. As with processor, same is the case with RAM also. The more the memory, more is the price.

3. Hard Drive
First 2 points above are completely related to performance of the device while this point relates to the storage of the device. When you use laptop you will obviously be storing data in it in-terms of photos, files, videos, games, and so on. It is important to understand the storage requirements and go for the hard drive storage capacity that suits you. 

Hard drives now a days comes in Terra bytes and have also become cheaper in comparison to older days. You also get the option of portable hard drives that can be connected easily. But, it is better to have an encapsulated hard drive as per your need at the beginning. More the storage more is the price. Apart from understanding the storage capacity you also need to understand the read speed of your hard drive. Manufactures give its specifications in terms of revolutions per minute, more rps means the laptop will be able to read the data faster.

4. Operating System
Operating system is a personal choice and the user should choose the one that suits best. While most people prefer Microsoft in offices, personal use, Apple OS is also preferred by many but it comes as little costly and also the supporting hardware requirements tend to be costly. Linux is another OS that is free and can be easily installed. Operating system is a personal choice and its up to you what kind of user experience you want with your laptop.

5. Screen dimensions and type
Screen size is  great factor for many and it should be chosen according to your requirement. smaller sizes comes in at 13 inches and go up to 17-18 inches. A good 15 inches should be okay for personal or office usage. People who play games generally prefer large screen sizes. You need to understand that with large size the weight also increases; so you need to finalize on the size accordingly. 

You also need to consider the screen resolution and large screen may not give you better images but resolution will. There have been many advances in screen quality thanks to apple who has been tremendous in making the innovations in the field. We also have touch screens which are becoming popular, you may also opt for this but the prices are much higher. Screen coating is also something that has to be considered. Screen coating determines the reflections on the screen.

6. Weight
One main reason why laptops are popular is because they are portable. They are compact and weigh less. Thus weight should be a major factor for you before buying a laptop. Laptop weight has seen considerable decrease over the generation. You still need to compare the weight before finalizing. Why buy heavier when less weighing could be available. Remember your processor, screen size, hard drive all these things count towards the weight of the laptop, so you need to prioritize the factors and go for an appropriate combination.

7. Brand
Choosing a brand is as important as comparing other factors. It is always better to go for brands that are well established and have good historic record rather than new brands with less history. You may get same features at less price but remember better brand prices are little higher for a reason. 

Better quality and good life are the reasons why they could be priced higher. It is also better to read reviews before finalizing the device. Some of the top leaders in laptop world includes lenovo, sony, hp, asus, apple, acer, dell and so on.

8. Battery
Battery life is a most important factor because this is what makes laptop portable. You need to consider this as an very important aspect as otherwise if the battery losses the charging quickly then the laptop will lose its importance as it wont remain portable and you will have to stick to a charging point continuously. 

With the advancement in technology the battery sizes have become smaller, less in weight and the battery capability has also increased. Not only this, the charging time taken has also decreased. That means you can charge faster and use for more time. So when buying a laptop you need to consider the factors that define the battery used in the laptop.

9. Graphics card
If you are looking to play HD videos or play games then you may want to opt for graphic card. This gives better performance for gaming. Most laptops comes with integrated graphics cards that is the GPU which is permanently attached to the motherboard which cannot be removed like in case of desktops. You can consider the GPU as part of the processor but it is optional and go for this only if you have special requirements as this is going to cost you more.

10. Price
Price is a factor which is mentioned here at last but it should very well be the first factor for most even before starting the hunt. In fact you first need to finalize the budget and then look for the features which fit in.

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