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Saturday, 24 February 2018

8 great ways how you can increase youtube channel subscribers

how to increase youtube subscribers

Video content is the most influential thing that we have in today's fast growing Internet world. Youtube is one of the most visited places for watching videos. YouTube is also the single most video watching site that has no real competition as of now. 

Getting your videos up and running on YouTube is easy but getting high channel subscribers is a bit difficult especially if you are new to this world. But if you try few things and keep the focus, it can done and you could get real success. 

Here are few simple but important things you need to do that will help you figure out on how to grow a youtube channel fast.

1. Create great content
First things first. Creating great and original content is the most important thing you need to focus not only initially but throughout. Else otherwise people will stop coming to your channel. You should focus more on the content rather than marketing tactics initially and once you have sufficient content to showcase you can work on publicity, marketing to increase those numbers. Remember viral content is not an accident it really takes efforts to produce that masterpiece which could go viral. 

Your content need to be engaging which will keep people hooked up to your videos and will automatically get them subscribed for more. You should produce videos that are informative and give something back to the viewers. Don't just put fillers to increase the video time; rather focus on main thing once you have the intro initially. 

You should also focus on producing videos that are evergreen for you will be able to rip the benefits for long. Producing seasonal content can be good but becomes invalid and thus return on investment will be hampered. Use good tools to edit your videos, take time and do proper finishing before you go live with it. 

Remember one good video can do things that even hundreds of average videos cannot do. In-fact some of the most successful channels have very few videos uploaded and they are doing pretty good. So remember one thing, the most important thing is the content rest all is secondary and comes later.

2. Keep proper frequency of uploading
In order to keep the channel growing you need to make sure you are up living with it. You need to make sure your channel remains live with uploads with a frequency that is neither too high nor too low. You should have a schedule when you would upload the videos.

Most channel follow their own timings and upload videos accordingly. It could be 1 video per month, or 2 videos per week. Whatever it is, it should be good enough for your viewers. Remember consistency is key. You cannot let it go just like that. You can not upload 1 video per 6 months and wait for your subscribers to grow. You should be able to produce the content that satisfies the demand of your subscribers.

3. Ask viewers to subscribe upfront
Now this is a very important thing. You need something, you ask for it. Go and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel upfront. This is not rude nor this is greedy and believe me your viewers wont dislike it. And this has a great results, you can tell your viewers to subscribe either at the start of the video or at the end both work great but remember to keep it small else the videos itself will be go down. 

You can also mention about clicking he bell icon for notification. This is very simple trick yet many people ignore or avoid it fearing backfiring it. Also make sure you do this with every video and be consistent with this. You need not be shy of this as this is what you want and obviously the viewers will subscribe if yo have good content and expect same in future.

4. Create custom thumbnails for videos
This is a very important thing most people forget and ignore. Make sure each and every video of yours has a custom personalised thumbnail. If you don't chose it, the system automatically take one randomly from the video which may not be appealing enough for your audience. Make sure you put a thumbnail that is catchy and best signifies what the video is all about. What does this do is it increases the click through rate, most people click the videos if they like the thumbnail. 

If people don't click the video itself then there is no question of engaging and subscribing the channel. So keep this clear have a great thumbnail for your video. Also make sure you have the best representational pic else its may disappoint the viewers and lower your value so be careful with this.

5. Use proper tools for video making and editing
Make sure you use proper tools to make your videos as best as possible. Editing the videos is an art and not all can do this but if you take hep from technology, tools then anyone can achieve the creativity. Remember video quality and presentation is a very high factor to ignore. Make sure you find out those tools that best suit you.

Don't hesitate to pay that reasonable amount, for you may make more money from the video than what you may have spent. Also make sure you use proper camera for shooting the videos. Who wants to watch those blurred, less clear videos anyways. So make sure you have proper camera for shooting.

6. Be yourself, keep things simple
Make sure your videos are reflection of what your are and not something that does not define you. It is very important to produce content that is genuine and delivered directly from the heart. Also don't complicate things and keep things simple as possible. Your niche could be anything but you may not know everything so be straight and pass in things that you really know about else just admit you are not aware about those things. This could pass the right message to your audience and you will develop the connection.

Remember YouTube is a community, so you need to work on developing connections with your audience. Interact with your viewers though comments, produce more videos that could answer followup questions that your viewers had in the previous video. This will make them feel special and they will come back to watch every video of yours.

7. Get the video length correct
There is not definite time length for this but make sure your videos are neither too long nor too short. You need to judge on this and produce video that exactly delivers what you wanted to. Don't drag too long, keep it sweet and short. Deliver to the point and if need break it into parts and upload multiple videos otherwise. 

Even if you are covering in depth topic make sure you are to the point and move on. You also need to judge on the basis of past history as to which videos of yours did well and need to decide on the length of videos. 

8. Get the video title and description work for you 
Remember SEO is not only for blogging but also for video search. Video title and description are very important and you need to get them correct. This will not only help get your videos searched better but also rank you higher in the search page. 

You need to keep both the title and description natural but include keywords that most people are likely to search. Have a description that is more meaningful and explains what the video is all about. You may also include credits and other important stuff.


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  3. YouTube is a greatest platform to increase your subscribers. You can do this by creating content, make your content simple and always upload some new video with new and different information.