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Saturday, 24 February 2018

15 Great ways to make money online

make money online

Internet boom has made everything possible in today's world. You don't really have to go anywhere physically even to make money these days. There are lots of option available which help you make money sitting right there on a chair near your computer table. 

You can easily make a living sitting at home doing the job from you computer screen. Here are some great options to earn money online without investment. These are realistic online money making ways that anyone can try.

1. Start a Blogg
Blogging is one of the hot favourite way to make money online. Its an old technique that many people use and it works really well if you have good traffic to your blog. There are lots of ways you can monetise your content and make money. You can implement various advertising strategies and generate income through your blog. 

You could also sell your own products on your blog and make money. You can also implement affiliated marketing on your blog and do the sales. One important thing here to consider is the traffic, you need lot of traffic to make some actual money through blog.

2. Start a YouTube Channel
YouTube is a great place to make money. You can start your own channel and start monetising the videos. You can use google ads on your videos and make money or you can also get advertisers on your own. Many people make lot of money through YouTube. You need to produce good quality video content on regular basis and make sure you have sufficient subscribers. 

The income generated depends on the views that you get and it can really become a revenue generating tool for you. Many people make their living through YouTube channels and is a proven way of making good money. One thing that you need to do is find your niche and focus on that. A good niche with less competition is all what you need and then produce some good content.

3. Create E Books and sell them online
If you are good at writing then you can try creating E-Books on whatever topic you are good at and then sell them on various platforms like amazon Kindle or apple itunes connect. This can be a profitable business if you are able to produce good content. You need to figure out the topic you are best in at and then publish the book.

4. Develop an Android App
Android phones have become very popular and everyone wants to make use of it for making some money. Also android app's have become the basics. You have android app for everything that you can think of. Most websites also have apps for them and it has become a new norm. 

Developing an android app can be profitable if the ideas is good. You need to come up with a unique idea and then create an App for that. You will have enormous opportunities with this if the idea is good. You can take help from developers if you yourself don't know to code.

5. Do Freelance writing
If you are a hobby writer then you can consider online professional writing. There are lots of opportunities for writers online. You can write for blogs, websites and develop yourself as content writer. Since the whole world is currently hooked by the Internet there are enormous opportunities for those with good writing skills. 

There are many freelance websites where you can get your online jobs. Many companies who have web presence prefer freelance writers and thus you will be able to get these offers easily if you have good writing skills. 

6. Take online Surveys
You can get paid for taking surveys. There are websites that deal with this kind of offers where in you need to take survey and then you get paid for this. Depending on the interest you have, you are asked to give your feedback and for each survey you take; you will earn some amount. This depends from site to site but it is worth giving a try if you want to make some money siting at home. Some of the websites that you can try include zoompannel, swagbucks etc.

7. Do freelance coding
If you are a coder then you can try providing your services online on freelance sites like upwork. You need to register and apply for jobs that are posted. You will be able to find projects being posted and then you can bid for them and once you are hired you can deliver and make money. This is a great place if you want to make some extra money part time. You can take projects as per your availability and then deliver.

8. Sell on Amazon or ebay
You can take help from eCommerce sites like ebay or amazon and sell your products, you can also auction products. You can good money by selling products through this and you don't need to be worried about delivery and packaging as amazon takes care of it. 

Here you will be able to avoid the need of having your own eCommerce site and make use of this awesome eCommerce sites to make some great profits.

9. Start an online tutorial classes
If you have some great talent that can be taught through virtual presence then try starting an online classes for same. You can make use existing platforms to start this. You can create E-learning lessons, video classes and sell them to people who want to learn.

10. Become an SEO engineer
If you have good knowledge of search engine optimisation then consider starting an online seo consultant services. New blogs, websites are created every minute and lot of people don't know about seo or just don't have much time to do it. You can be of help to them for which they can pay you. This is  a great idea and can be leveraged sitting at home.

11. Become a logo designer
If you are good at creativity try becoming a logo designer for companies. A lot of companies need people who can design logos for them and you can make money by helping them.

12. Start a Tshirt quote designer websites
T shirts quotes which are funny, intelligent are always in demand so if you have this talent of giving one liners than you can try selling such quotes online to other customers and make money from that. You can also consider selling such printed t-shirts online through the site.

13.Buy and sell domains
 Domain trading is a profitable business but you will need some investment for this. You can buy domains cheap and sell them at highers prices online. But this needs time and investment.

 14. Become share trader
If you have share market knowledge then you can make money siting in your home trading shares everyday. This is a great money making idea if you have proper knowledge of market. You could make load of money through minutes if trades. A lot of people do this as full time job. All you need is good Internet connection and proper knowledge of markets.

 15. Sell photos online
 If you are good at clicking pictures you could make this hobby earn for you. There are lots of websites that buy and sell photos which are original. You can register and try selling there and make some good money.

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