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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Business ideas with low investment and high profit anybody can start

business ideas with low investment

Starting a business from scratch is not everybody's cup of tea and any losses incurred specially if you don't have much back up plan could be nasty. People who want to become independent but don't have much to invest are always on the lookout of business ideas that they can start with less investment cost. Not all less investment ideas could be profitable and needs proper insights before starting. Here are some low cost business ideas that anybody can implement and become successful. But remember you need to do a little bit of extra research before you start.

1. Start a mobile repair Service.
Mobile devices are mostly used personal appliances and any business that deals with mobile is bound to succeed as the customer base or user's are huge. While starting a plain mobile service could be a common business but you can put a twist and start something little bit different. Like for example you could make it pick up from home, repair and deliver back service  or something different that will make you different. 

You can also make this a part time do from home job. You will need to take training for this and once you up your skills there will be no limit. This can be a best business in village area. You could go on and start chain of shops, you could open mobile vans that go to remote locations and deliver the services etc

2. Start a mobile Breakfast serving van
Good breakfast is something that everyone wants. Breakfast is something that defines your full day mood. What better then starting a service that will help others get their mood right and stomach happy. This will need minimum investment and you can finish the days work even before others start theirs. This business idea with minimum investment can be profitable if done rightly but needs proper research and commitment.

You can have a van built for placing the cooking appliances and other stuff. This could be a great business idea if done at right places like outside a office place or a college or IT park. This will be a huge return business since minimum time is needed for this and since you wont own a place and thus related liabilities are nullified. This is among the most successful small business ideas and can be a good money generating business for people with right attitude and commitment.

3. Start a tiffin service
Starting a tiffin service could be profitable and you can run this from own house. Bachelors, hostalites are always looking for home made food. If you can give them good home made food at reasonable rates you are bound to grow. You may find hotels everywhere but finding good home cooked food is difficult. Taking help from this problem you could build a business that exactly solves this issue for bachelors, college goers who are living on their own. This is in fact one of the hot favourite business ideas in india for beginners.

But remember providing quality home cooked food will the most important aspect of this business as otherwise you may loose your customers. You need to heavily focus on quality and not only on increasing your customers. A good satisfied customer here would mean a lot in future as a publicity of mouth would grow your business on own. This can even be a business for ladies sitting at home, you would however need someone to deliver the tiffin though.

4. Provide gardening services
Gardening services is another upcoming business ideas in india and has a great potential. This is a great idea and could be much profitable if you develop proper skills and have specialised tools. Initially you may have to hunt for customers but as you continue with this getting new customer wont be difficult. Also customer may pay you good if you provide them with quality and specialised services. This is a unique idea and suitable for populated cities with growing flat culture. You could specialise as terrace gardening service and provide different services that unique.

5. Interior decoration
Interior decoration is one of the business ideas with low investment and high profit. However this could be a suitable idea for those who have good creativity. Interior decoration is an old idea but only those succeed who have good creative skills. You can categorise your services with different types and provide services to all sections. 

Not all go for specialised decorators specially because it costs extra so you could target those you like to spent little less. You could develop yourself as specialised decorators with less budget. Most people shy away from interior decorators as they think it may cost them big, you could take advantage from this and target people with less budget.

6. Packers and Movers business
This business model is of great profitability if implemented with proper methodology. This however may need little bit extra investment but can be implemented for smaller as well as larger cities even though there will already be competition for you.

7. Start a dance class academy.
Extra curricular activities are given high importance these days by both parents as well as teachers. You could start a dance academy even though you yourself may not be a dance teacher. You could get dance teachers to come toy your dance academy for teaching. This can in fact be a small investment business from home. You can start the dance class academy in your home if you have extra room.

Targeting school goers as customers could work well. Parents are also ready to pay for such activities as they are already convinced that extra curricular activities are as important as academic excellence specially urban population. You could get multiple teachers come and take the classes, have batches running at different timings. 

You will need classroom for this so having own place would be great as you will not have to pay for high rent. This could be profitable if you do proper marketing of your academy. Tie up with small schools or other tuition classes could be a good idea from where you could get students easily.

8. Start a mobile ice cream parlour
Everyone loves Ice creams and if you can give them some great authentic flavours then this could be successful. Utilising  van for this could get you away from other physical shop liability and you can brand yourself as mobile ice cream parlour. Here again quality matters and if you could develop some great ice cream flavours then it will help you grow faster.

9. Start a life insurance agency
Life insurance is something that should be bought by everyone but very less people buy it. Your job will mostly be to convince people buy it and if you are able to find customers your chances of succeeding are high. If you have right skills this can be a very highly profitable small business. You basically need skills of persuading to become successful in this area. It will need minimum investment. You could also go mobile with a van and target people outside offices or other places where you are likely to get office goers.

10. Antique article Gallery
You can start a shop that sells or exhibits antique and old items. You could buy them from other people cheap and sell them at higher prices in the showroom. For this you may have to build a network from where you could get the items. This will be successful in places where tourists visit or urban high class areas where people are wiling to spend on such items.

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