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Saturday, 9 December 2017

This is why United States wins more medals in Olympics

United States wins more medals in Olympics

Olympic games are world stage events that almost every other country participates in. It is one of most prestigious events all country want to shine in at. 

When we talk about Olympics, we talk about medal tally of countries. There is no surprise as to which country has the most Olympic medals. 

United states has won more medals than any other country. 

United states has done exceptionally well at Olympics. They have participated in all the Olympic games except for 1980 summer Olympics.

USA Olympics medals count is huge , they have no match if you go through the overall history of Olympics. They have won medals at all the games that they participated till now. They topped the medal tally in 17 of the summer games. 

With a medal tally of more than 2500 and gold medal tally of more than 1000 till now they are the most successful nations at Olympics. This only shows how Americans dominate Olympics. 

With such a  high rate of winning at Olympics one is obviously to think what makes united states so successful at the Olympics. Here are 10 reasons why united states is so successful at Olympics

1. The expenditure and the funding

expenditure and the funding

The united states is a very prosperous country and with the kind of wealth that they have they can easily manage to divert a lot of money into sports. This includes coaching , providing world class facilities and managing to offer career opportunities for athletes. 

They are simply able to spend a lot of money per athlete than any other could spend. When you get solid facilities, equipment and coaching rest of things automatically falls into their places and wining comes naturally. 

This however should not take anything away from the athletes though obviously only money cannot get you medals at world stage it does take a lot many things to come into one line to get Olympic medals after all the whole world is competing.

It is very obvious that a high per capita income would mean you can afford to spend more money on athletes and can fund in more money to promote sports. You are able to get corporate donations that help in managing costs of attending Olympics like airfares, accommodation in Olympic villages and a lot of per athlete costs that we wouldn't know. This allows united states to send in more athletes to Olympics and which then numerically increases their overall chances of winning the Olympic medals.

The Olympic results are a combination of better public policies and a strong economic development. This is one of the reasons for usa top list in olympics.

2. More athletes competing across many sports

United States wins more medals in Olympics

Consider this a nation competing only in 5 sports event and nation competing across more than 50 events, who has the more chance of wining the medals? Obviously the nation that participate in more than 50 sports type. 

United States send athletes that participates across numerous events and thus have a higher chance of wining medals.

It is a simple mathematics however its not that simple its not that they send the athletes on their own all things fall in place and they happen to do this. 

They have people that are well suited to compete in everything right from boxing, to swimming to gymnastics, almost everything that is possible. 

They simply compete in everything and win medals across everything that they compete in.

3. Sports as a career

United States wins more medals in Olympics

In united states they have athletes that are professional. They give enough confidence to their sportsman and sportswomen as to how sports could be their carrier. Obviously this is to be done through actions. 

People feel the confidence through the strategy that they have in pace, the amount of money that flows in sports, training facilities and and the whole sports program makes this possible.

The athletes are not scared or hesitant to take sports as career in united states. They also have very good sponsors and fund raisers. Sportsman have a good career opportunities and make a lot of money through sponsors and other programs. 

They also have a sports culture that is enough enthusiast of developing their athletes to a next level. All of these factors make sports as a good career option and the sportsman are not afraid of taking sports as career.

4. They have huge population

United States wins more medals in Olympics

United States has a huge population and it does play a role in winning Olympic medals. Population alone cannot be a reason why they win so much. If it was then India would have had won many more medals but that is not the case with India.  

If population alone is the factor then why does India perform so poorly in Olympics.India has a huge population but they do not do well in Olympics.

Population is definitely a factor but it is not a massive factor.

However, a country with large population has better chances of producing medals as compared to a very less populated one simply because they have more people and could participate with more athletes and if things fall in place properly with all training, coaching , facilities then population can be a advantage.

In case of united states it is evident from the fact that the states with more population have brought in more medals as compared to states with less population. California for example has highest population and is also first in getting gold medals where states Alaska which stands at 48th position in population has very less medal tally. Similar is the case with other states, so this is one of the factor that determines the medal count to some extent if not fully.

5. Access to training programs and facilities

United States wins more medals in Olympics

United States with all the money that they have are able to provide facilities that are world class. Sports programs, coaching facilities play a major role in developing a athlete that could compete at a world sports event. 

They have a a huge sports training programs that help develop sportsman of another level. They have access to just about any sport that grabs their interest. 

Training facilities that are world class right from schools to colleges. For example If you look at swimming sports even most of the foreign medalists go to united states colleges and compete for the NCAA or at least go there just for training. 

Training an Olympian is very expensive task and united states is able to do this with ease.With good facilities you also need good coaches that will give expert advice and train the athletes for the games.

6. Spirit and Attitude

United States wins more medals in Olympics

Money, training, facilities or large number of athletes alone cannot win you when you are competing against the worlds best. 

It takes an extra thing within the individual to come first, second or even third.

Spirit of game and attitude plays a very important role when competing in Olympics. United states people have always been proud fighters ad patriotic. 

You can see athletes that are tears when they stand up for medal on podium. This all suggests that they are highly spirited and proud sportsman who have the desire to win for their country. 

Their determination is of next level which helps them beat other high competing individuals. It is their spirit and determination that answers why us wins so many medals in Olympics.

7. Sports culture 

United States wins more medals in Olympics

United States has a sports culture that helps them develop the athletes that can fight for medals at international level. They have history of more than 100 years of organized college system of choosing and nurturing sportsmen and sportswomen.

Every kid at least plays one sports in school and sports is taken very seriously by students and it is a big deal for them. They have competing tournaments happening across all levels within country and that helps a lot for preparing for the international event.

Swimming for example is a huge culture in united states. And Swimming alone fetches them a lot of medals. More than half of the medals come from swimming and its not a bad thing at the end of the games.

8. Female participation

When it comes to participating in Olympic games. Female participation is a big factor that determines the medal tally. United states has always sent a large number of female athletes to Olympics. 

Their female Olympic sportswomen have always been very competitive and have been winning medals for the country.

9. They start very early

United States wins more medals in Olympics

Every nation has a question in mind why does usa have the best athletes ? Answer to this is that the United states has a system in which they find new sports talent and provide them with all the infrastructure, facilities and nurture the talent. 

They have sports culture that makes sure kids take sports seriously from the beginning itself. Schools, colleges that provide enough opportunities to discover the sports talent. 

They have better coaching facilities that start from the beginning itself. They are able to play professional from the early days itself and this helps them believe that they could do well at international level too.

10. They Stay informed about Banned drugs

United States wins more medals in Olympics

Athletes are knowledgeable enough about what drugs to take and what not. Olympic games has a strict drug policies which bans athletes that take banned drugs. 

United States has better communication system where in athletes stay away from banned drugs and hence avoid banning by Olympic committee. They are able to use those which are not banned and take the full advantage. 

Performance-enhancing drugs are everywhere which are legal and illegal. It is very important to stay informed about this and united states has a better policy around this.

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