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Saturday, 2 December 2017

10 Reasons why cloud computing is becoming popular

10 Reasons why cloud computing is becoming popularIn today's world which is changing leaps and bounds; it is becoming a very high pressure task for every business to perform and grow so as to keep the growth graph ascending. 

It is becoming an uphill task to sustain in extreme competition no matter what business area you are in.

 IT department has become an integral part of every business and it is almost not possible to function without them.

A new technology that has got everyone on their toes is cloud computing. Cloud computing in simple terms means computing through the Internet. 

While in past people downloaded, installed the software's on their computers; cloud computing allows to do all these things through the Internet. 

We all use cloud computing in our daily social life when we update our facebook status or check the bank balance through net banking. These all applications run in the cloud. Cloud computing has become a new normal in peoples life and so it is becoming in businesses. Thus it is very crucial that one understands the importance of cloud technology.

The intensity with which cloud is becoming popular definitely makes one think and see how they could get the benefits out of it. Businesses are in rapid thinking mode on how to switch to cloud if they aren't already. 

There are many reason why we need cloud computing or advantages of cloud computing for business. Below are 10 reasons why cloud computing is so popular and why businesses should consider moving to the cloud.

1. Cost Effective

Cloud is Cost Effective

When buying an on premises product you don't only need to buy the product , you also need to pay for installing and support there after. You end up buying new servers and maintain them and in turn pay hefty fees.

Its not about buy once and use forever in case of "on premises". You need to keep spending for using it. Cloud on the other hand is different and you don't really install anything and hence there is no such cost involved. 

Depending on the service, you pay and use either by user licensing or monthly subscriptions. Thus using cloud based model that is the SaaS (Software as a service) you actually make the savings. 

Since cloud pricing are mostly pay as you use this also makes for a better budgeting and keep the control over your spending. You can revise your budgets and cut down or expand as per your needs in cloud. 

The time needed for installing, maintaining is nullified in case of cloud based services thus ensuring you focus on the business rather than setting up IT infrastructure.

2. Scalability

cloud is scalable

Cloud gives a very high flexibility in using the services and you can scale up as and when you want. This becomes a great option for businesses that fluctuate with their demands.

If you need to increase the usage you could ask for it to the service provider or can also reduce the usage if you don't have the demand right now. This gives a huge advantage and you could keep up the competition with rival businesses. 

The scalability is also very easy and you don't have to plan heavily or acquire own infrastructure to cope with sudden influx of demand.

3. Try Before you Buy

When it comes to buying the IT infrastructure or software it is very important to make sure you are paying for something that will give the end results. 

Many time companies end up paying upfront and later come to know that the purchase isn't working for them. When it comes to cloud, service providers do provide pilot application try usage where in you can first try it and then see how it goes and then only go for the purchase. 

This gives a great advantage and you can be sure that the software is of real value to the business.

4. Ability to integrate better

Ability to integrate better in cloud

Companies continuously look for ease of integration with other services. And cloud happens to be a better option for this. You can integrate with other services easily, it provides a common platform for seamless integration.

5. Improved Information Security

Improved Information Security in cloud

Initial fears of cloud were of security however this has now become an advantage of cloud as the providers have been able to deal with concern and you can have high security of data. You don't even have to be worried about it. The complete care is taken by service provider. The data remains safe in cloud and can be accesd from anywhere.

6.  Reliability

Another reason why cloud is becoming popular is because of the reliability with which it comes. Its highly reliable and easy to use. Cloud service providers give services to thousands of clients and remains a very reliable one.

7. Automatic Updates

With cloud SaaS you don't have to shut the operation for monthly or yearly updates. You don't have to plan anything yourself, everything is taken care by the service provider.

You get new updates, better services with every update. With cloud based update you don't have to be worried about compatibility or new features. 

You don't have to download or install the new version, its a just a browser refresh or max accepting the new feature on you application. This again reduces your headaches and keeps you ahead with new features and updates without having to anything yourself.

8. Protects against disasters

Protects against disasters in cloud

Data disaster in company could happen anytime because of any silly mistake. Data disaster is something we need to think when listing out the advantages of using cloud storage. Not many companies can cope up and survive when data disasters happen. 

Its important to have disaster recovery system in place but this may not be possible for all specially smaller businesses. This is where cloud could be a perfect solution where in you would not face such a disaster and your data would always remain safe in cloud storage. 

It saves you from data disaster that could be because of employee mistakes, or data corruption or server failures or could be any other reason. The future of data is definitely in cloud and that is for sure.

9. Better Collaboration

Better Collaboration in cloud

When you have services that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime it definitely helps in better collaboration. Cloud based apps help you sharing files in real time and hence gives a better collaboration between employees and increase the productivity and efficiency overall. 

It gives better syncing for employees that are situated in various geographies and keep them synced with each other.

10. Work from anywhere

As cloud does not need any software installation you could work from anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity, device to access Internet and a web browser. This becomes a great value add and you could do real work from anywhere. 

This becomes a very high plus point and the employees could be given flex working hours which means you will have happy employees and thus high productivity.

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