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Sunday, 31 December 2017

31 reasons why every business should have a Facebook page

reasons to use facebook for your business

Facebook is probably the next big thing that has happened after the search engine giant "Google" in web world. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the most wealthier man on the planet. It looks like the number of people using internet has increased mostly because of Facebook. There are lots of advantages of facebook for business

Developing countries like India has seen a huge increase in Facebook users. Almost everybody in united states has presence on Facebook. Right from a school going kid to a 70 year old, all of them are busy using Facebook. 

No doubt having a Facebook page becomes a things of high importance for businesses.There are lots of benefits of Facebook page for business. There are also many  benefits of Facebook page likes. The more likes you have more people get the notifications about your posts. Here are top 31 reasons why every business should have a Facebook page.

1. Facebook page costs nothing. It is for free and anybody can create it. Having a free Facebook page could be much more beneficial than spending thousand of dollars in other online advertising. You can also have paid Facebook ads to further boost your campaigns. 

2. Almost everybody is on Facebook. You can reach out to countless people to advertise your product, service. The number of users that have presence on Facebook has no match. Close to around 2 billion people are on Facebook.

3. Having a Facebook page is good for search engine optimization. Google may have not made it public that social media shares do count towards how results are displayed on its search engine but as per most SEO specialists social media shares do count towards SEO.

4. Having a Facebook page enhances your brand. Every other brand has Facebook page and it send a positive impression about your business to your customers. Facebook in itself is the biggest brand and having your presence on it makes it better for your business.

5. You can send updates to all your followers within seconds. One great things about Facebook page is you can reach out to your customers easily. Your posts will appear on user Facebook stories and you will be able to connect with your desired fans within no time.

6. You Get huge traffic from Facebook page once you post your links on you page. Facebook happens to be a great place to generate that extra traffic for your website or blog. Its a great way to enhance the traffic without much efforts if you have large fan following for your Facebook page.

7. You can connect with your customers in more personalized way. Facebook helps you get to your customers Facebook personal page in a unique way. This helps in building the close connect with your customer.

8. Not Having a Facebook page is an advantage to your competitor. If you are not present on Facebook that automatically gives a edge to your competitors. Why would you want to give that advantage to you customer and thus give away the customers?

9. You can spy on your competitor and also get to know whats happening in the business area you are working. Facebook is a great online place where gossips happen, discussion are done and it is one stop solution to find out whats happening in your area of interest. You definitely don't want to miss on that.

10. Nice place to generate new leads. Facebook is a great revenue generating tool for all kinds of businesses. Which business would want to miss on that?

11. A huge number of people actually use Facebook through APP on their mobile phones. So having a Facebook page will actually make you more accessible.

12. Build loyalty with your customers. Facebook is a great social media connect tool where you can directly get to know the feedback from your customers. Staying connected with your customers on Facebook will increase loyalty.

13. Facebook insights are of great help to understand what your customers want, what they like the most and what improvement you may need.

14. Facebook is a great teacher. It will help you in planning your business from the feedback that you get on Facebook page through different means like Facebook insight, shares, comments, likes, user engagements

15. Go global with Facebook. With Facebook you can target audience around the whole world. There are hardly any countries that don't allow use of Facebook. So Facebook is a great place if you want to target global customers.

16. Take polls on Facebook to understand your customers better. Polls can give you proper insights and help understand your customer better.

17. Facebook helps in building trust. Having a Facebook page helps in building long lasting trust with your customers.

18. Not having a Facebook page these days could make your customers think that your business or services is not branded. Having Facebook page for your business has become a new normal

19. You can validate and see the response of your existing or new customers on launch of new product or service. It s a great place to foresee before going big on anythings and thus help in planning for future.

20. Notify all you customers on one shot. Send them updates, new offerings, discount updates from your Facebook page.

21. Facebook is a great place to collect data about your customers in legit way to offer better. These can help you serve better.

22. You build a community, family of your customers through a Facebook page.

23. It really shows your social side and keeps the connection going.

24. You can save on advertising budget with Facebook page and put that money to some other product development.

25. Facebook may help you in generating new ideas for products, services. It can help in developing an idea that you may have never thought of. These can happen through comments that you get from your customers on Facebook page, posts.

26. You get to know more about your actual customers. How many are men, how many are women. What age people buy your products and so on. Facebook insight helps in finding out more on people who like your posts, page, comment or share your posts.

27. 100 million people from united states use Facebook. USA is a great market and everybody wants to do business in USA. This is a great indicator if you have any plans for united states.

28. People spend a lot of time on Facebook. People remain active on Facebook for more time than any other website. You would definitely don't want to miss on that.

29. Facebook is a user web with every user connected to minimum of hundred friends. Thus using Facebook can give you a infinite user reach. Your reach will keep growing if you try with proper direction and effort.

30. You can upload videos, images on Facebook thus making the interaction with customers more easy and more fruitful.

31. You can use Facebook events to publicise events of your business and reach as many people as possible. This is also the reason why Facebook is good for marketing.

Conclusion : Looking at the points above role of Facebook in social media marketing cannot be underestimated. Not only for business but also there is significant importance of Facebook in our life these days.

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