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Saturday, 23 December 2017

40 reasons why your twitter followers are leaving you

Twitter is a very popular social connect medium where billions of people come together. Twitter for business use is very important and having a huge follower base is something that all crave for. 

Since a twitter user can unfollow you anytime, it becomes an equally tough job of retaining the already following user. There are lots of small and deadly mistakes that can happen and lead to people un following you. Here are 40 reasons why people may unfollow you and even why new people are not following you.

1. You are spamming. You keep tweeting about irrelevant things, you keep firing tweets with no logic or sense. Such spamming will definitely make you loose your followers in big way.

2. You are tweeting way too much. You keep tweeting stuff every now and then. It may be good content but tweeting way too much will make your followers go crazy.

3. You are forcefully trying to sell them. Selling things on tweeter through those links is great but constantly tweeting about stuff you want to sell can lead to negative impact.

4. You dont have good content to share with your followers. Your tweets look ordinary with no real value to followers

5. Your twitter account has gone dry. You tweeted ages back. You need to make sure you tweet with proper frequency so as to keep your account live and engaged.

6. You tweet but not enough or tweet during odd times when nobody is up to read them. Like tweeting at 2AM in the morning. Who you think would be there to see them? and will naturally be lost in the fresh tweets coming in early morning.

7. You used tool to schedule random tweets. Random things may not remain valid in future and may cost you badly if the scenarios change.

8. You are not following anybody or following very less people. This is debatable as many celebrities have millions of followers and they hardly follow anybody. For a business twitter handle or anybody who wants to use twitter as revenue generating tool need to understand that not following anybody or following very less people may sometime be disadvantageous.

9. You don't indulge or tweet anything about current happening around the country or world. Even when the biggest of biggest event occur you are still behind your own stuff tweeting about it. A small tweet about major things happening could make your followers to feel connected.

10. You constantly tweet about off topics.

11. You tweet lots of pictures and no words. Pictures are definitely equal to thousand words but no real words may sometime take away the credit from pictures. Tweeting pics is great but you cant keep doing that. Followers want to hear from you.

12. You are not sharing videos of your own. Followers follow you because they like you and they want to know more from you and what is better than a video. Not doing this may take them some where else. Ad thus they may not have the need of following you.

13. You occasionally share religious tweets that hurt sentiments of some group of people.

14. You tweet strong political views from your account. Having a political opinions is great, you should have them but for business related twitter handles it may not go well and may cause people stay away from you.

15. Your tweets are boring. You dont add occasional humour or funny things in your tweets. You always remain serious with your tweets.

16. You are not responding to people who are following you. Your followers may be looking for replies from you and not doing so may put them off. If the followers base is very high then it may not be possible for you to reply all. But replying here and there should keep your followers engaged and connected. 

17. You have not verified your account with twitter. Verified tweeter accounts are gems and if you happen to be known person you can give a shot and see if it gets verified.

18. You dont have your own picture as twitter profile pic. Using random pics could hamper your brand, thus if you are an individual its always good to use your own pic.

19. You dont have good bio about you on twitter profile description.

20. You constantly post links in tweets. May be to your own blog articles or any other articles. Constanly doing this could be negative.

21. You don't at all re-tweet what other popular people are tweeting.

22. Your tweets are low quality and does not have sense in it.

23. You dot use hastags enough in your tweets. Using hastags is important in tweeting as it gets all tweets on those tweeter pages but also styles your tweet greatly.

24. You are tweeting about old stuff that is already known to people or is outdated. You are probably making them bore.

25. You tweet with all caps. All CAPS IN A TWEET? that looks terrible and will definitely not create good impression. At time you may want to use all caps for a word or a small sentence but constantly tweeting with all caps could be disaster.

26. You get on a fight with one of your followers.

27. You tweet and disappear for days. This can turn off your followers if they want more on the topic. They could be waiting for your reply. And if you are unavailable to answer or reply that may lead to make your follower think that you don't care.

28. You endorsed a product that went terribly wrong for the followers which they bought because of you. When you endorse or advertise a product, the people that follow you buy it because of you. Keeping trust on your expertise or brand. Any failure from product also puts onus on you and may decrease your value among your followers.

29. You are not real while tweeting. You make up stuff and that is not actual you. Things like this seem unlikely but people do come to know if you are real or not. Tweeting your heart out is really important and this may actually get you more followers.

30. You keep re tweeting from completely off topic people or twitter handles. It is very important to make sure you give your audience for what they have followed you else this may make them feel the need of leaving you.

31. You are sharing things that are too personal. Your followers are mostly interested in receiving things in what you are good at. Sharing personal things here and there could do no real harm but going too personal and too often can definitely lead to un follows.

32. Your tweets are too tough to understand, either you post something that is difficult for your audience to understand or you are complicating things.

33. Your tweets are Demeaning to others. May be to some other competitor or any other person who may or may not be your follower.

34. Either you directly post hateful tweets or mean it by not saying it directly. Either ways followers are intelligent enough to understand what it means.

35. You had bought followers which were low quality. Such followers will always leave you one day for sure. And how does those even add any values anyways. Thumb rule. keep away from buying low quality followers.

36. Your tweets sound arrogant. You need to use your words carefully, a small mistake can cost you much.

37. You are using a very low quality profile pic on your twitter handle

38. You are using too many hashtags making it difficult for followers to even read your tweet.

39. You mention too many people in your tweets. Making followers think that tweets are only for people tagged.

40. You followed someone so that he can follow you and then you un-followed him.

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