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Friday, 8 December 2017

Interesting facts about queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti was one of the most mysterious ancient Egypt queen that has got a lot of attention probably because of the bust that was recovered by a German archaeologist. Queen Nefertiti lived during the 1370 B.C. to 1330 B.C. 

She is believed to have been one of the most powerful queens of ancient Egypt and was an amazingly beautiful women. Whole story about the queen got wide attention when her bust was recovered in the year 1912. 

A lot has been speculated about her life, Here are some interesting facts about Nefertiti

1. A very Beautiful Queen

A very Beautiful Queen nefertiti

Egyptian queen Nefertiti lived during 1300s in ancient Egypt. This majestic queen was renowned for her amazing beauty.  As evident from the bust that has been recovered the queen was very beautiful. 

The name Nefertiti itself means "a beautiful women has come". 

Nefertiti was a mesmerising beauty which is proven from the fact that the bust recovered got the massive public attention. One of the Archaeologist also said that the beauty of  bust cannot be portrayed by words, you can only experience it by seeing it.

2. A Great Royal Wife

queen nefertiti

Nefertiti had married the Pharaoh Akhenaten and was her great royal wife. She rule along side her hsuband Pharaoh Akhenaten. They both established several things together liked the cult of Aten, the sun of god and established radically different artwork that was different from the previous work.

3. Mother of Six Daughter

queen nefertiti

Nefertiti is believed to have six daughters. She was believed to be only 15 years when is married Pharaoh Akhenaten. The six daughters were;

First one "Meritaten" within first year later "Meketaten" in the fourth year. 

Then "Ankhesenpaaten" who later became queen of "Tutankhamun", then "Neferneferuaten Tasherit" in year 8 who probably became the Pharaoh Neferneferuaten. 

Fifth and sizth were "Neferneferure" and "Setepenre"  in years 9 and 11 respectively

4. Lady of Numerous Titles

Queen Nefertiti had many titles which included Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, Great of Praises, Hereditary Princess,  Lady of Grace, Lady of The Two Lands, Sweet of Love , Main King's Wife, his beloved ;  Lady of all Women and few more.

4. The Nefertiti Bust

Nefertiti beauty can itself be imagined by the attention and publicity the recovered bust got. It was on December 6, 1913 that the bust of Queen Nefertiti was recovered by a German archaeologist. 

The Bust recovery made her famous. 

The bust is one of the most admired and copied works of ancient Egypt and thus queen Nefertiti has become very famous ancient women and a iconic women beauty. 

The bust is a painted stucoco coated limestone and is believed to have been crafted somewhere in 1345 BC bu sculpture thutmose. The bust has become cultural symbol of ancient Egypt and has been kept at various locations in Germany since the time it was discovered. 

The bust has also been a subject of argument between Egypt and Germany. The bust is around 20 kilo grams and 48 centimetres tall.

5. The family theories

There have been speculations that "AY" the pharaoh was Nefertiti's  father and "Tey" was her mother but this has not been fully confirmed and remains a mystery. Ay was the pharaoh of Egypt for brief period of four years, he was also a close adviser of previous pharaohs who ruled before he did.

6. Mysterious Origins

very little is known about Nefertiti's origin and there have been theories that she haled from the town Akhmim and but it is not certain. Understanding Nefertiti timeline has always got the archaeologists and historian excited.

7. Worship of the Sun God

Nefertiti and the pharaoh were active religious establishments and they are the ones who promoted and worshipped sun as the only god.

8. Death Theories and mysterious disappearance
Also it is not clear as to how old was Nefertiti when she died. However soon after she was elevated to the status of co regent and was almost equal in power to pharaoh she disappeared and may have died however there aren't any confirmed records although there  have been discoveries that indicate about her being alive after 16 years of Akhenaten’s reign. 

There have also been speculations that she may have died of plague.  Her mummy has not been found yet and if it is recovered a lot of other questions could be solved. Until then this one questions "how did Nefertiti die" will keep the historians puzzled.

9. Bond of Love between the Queen and pharaoh
Akhenaten showed lot of love for his wife queen Nefertiti and their six daughters which was considered uncommon for pharaoh in Egypt.

10. Ruled during wealthiest periods in Egypt.
Nefertiti along with her husband ruled during one of the most wealthiest times of Egypt. 

Understanding the Nefertiti biography has always been the topic of interest for historians and archaeologists. While the truth about Nefertiti will always remain a mystery to some extent no matter how much we find through recoveries. Even then historians will continue to dig as much as possible.

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