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Thursday, 21 December 2017

6 ways technology can be used for better education and learning

using technology in education

Technology has been booming for past years and its use in education cannot be underestimated. While classroom education has remained the core of system, technology can be used to improve the overall learning. You don't really have to think hard to answer why technology is good for education.

Here are 6 different amazing ways on how to use technology in education. One thing however we need to keep in mind is that all techniques may not be used everywhere and has to be done with careful thoughts. There is no denying that there are effects of technology on education. It is up-to oneself to put them into proper use and get the best out of it.

1. Video Streaming and Video Conferencing

When once thinks of improving the learning process in classrooms, it is this questions that every teacher would ask to himself "how can technology be used to enhance learning in the classroom".Video conferencing is a great way of communication and it has helped a lot in businesses and personal communications. Video conferencing is by far the best communication technology for conducting meetings between people who are separated by miles. 

Video conferencing is not only a tool for personal or business related use but can also be put into use for education purposes. It can be used to enhance the learning experience in schools or colleges. Video conferencing can be used to expand the reach of classroom for bringing in students from multiple places or getting in teachers from remote locations far away from the classroom. 

Many times when schools need those most experienced and information rich teacher give a guest lecture, video conferencing can come into great use. Getting a great speaker actually come in your classroom can be a bigger task and thus remote conferencing can be used to solve this problem.

Video conferencing allows instant connect between teacher and students no matter how far they are. Video conferencing can also provide with virtual field trips while the students sit in their classrooms. Actual physical field trips are great but may not possible all the time, at such times video conferencing or video streaming can be used.

 Not only this students can work with other students which are far away for collaborated projects and knowledge sharing. This can give a very enriching learning experience and lead to better development of students. 

Video sharing platforms like YouTube can be used for sharing video lectures and other learning material. This can lead to increased interest of students in learning. Creating own videos and getting students engaged on them rather then giving homework could also be an option but will need teachers more time on this.

2. Use Animations In Learning

Use of technology in education can help students do things differently and can help them achieve things that seemed boring or even difficult. Animation can also be used in enhancing education and thus generate interest of students who dislike learning through books. Animations can be used to teach specific subjects and it gives lots for advantages. It helps in delivering the learning content better, animations can make difficult things look very easy for understanding. 

Learning through Animations can be fun and children learn faster if they are having fun while learning. Animation can help apply imagination and enable students to do rational thinking. Animation teaching are engaging and helps students in positive interaction. 

Thus animations, if designed properly can lead to significantly enhancing the learning capabilities of students. Teachers or schools or students themselves can make use of free or paid animation resources and put them to better use.

3. Put Social media to good use

It is no secrete that every other student is using social media to great extent. Social media is generally used for connecting with people and for entertainment. It can however also be used for better education and learning if used with thoughtfulness. It can be a very useful tool for imparting education specially considering the amount of time children spend on social media. This can be done in a fun and engaging way so that it does not look like traditional boring school learning. 

There are many social media platforms that can be used for this. Facebook in one of the most popular and highly used social networking site. As an example,  teacher can create a Facebook page that is basically for learning and sharing useful content. 

It can get students to engage online and get even those to participate who generally don't participate in live class. Twitter could be used in a unique manner where in hastag's could be used to share resources and commenting facts or information about things that you learned in class. This could be more engaging and will lead to fun learning.

There are countless possibilities if done with proper thought and it will always be good as long as it enhances the learning capabilities. Social media platforms can be used effectively if teachers know how to use them. This can look to be waste of time but if done with proper insight could actually gain results. Also this may not work in  all cases, so it has to be tried and tested.

4. Encourage use of Learning websites and Web resources

The internet is crowded with tools, resources that can impart education and in a very unique way. In this booming internet age one can learn anything anytime. Online classes, learning websites are freely available for anyone. Students, teachers can utilize these resources for better learning. In today's world what we need is to understand concepts and not facts. 

Concept based learning can be done through online resources which is abundant in availability. Your resources are virtually infinite and the knowledge gets updated and upgraded with time. 

There are several website that are available for learning and are free. You can learn anything and everything on the web, you only need to figure out from where to get it. With android popularity you can also get the learning material on your hand phone through App's. 

In this web friendly world there is no excuse to not learning anything that you want to learn. You have abundance of resources available through internet and web, if put to correct use could be highly beneficial and thus yield amazing results overall.

5. Android App's for Learning, Also build your own

Mobile phone have become so popular that everybody owns it now. Even school children bring them to schools. Schools do ban them as they find it as nuisance and of no great use for children's studying in school. Mobile phones however can also be used for improving the learning system; if done with some creative thoughts. 

Android apps can be of great use for learning and getting students engaged while imparting education in a unique way. There are App's that give learning courses free and some are personalised apps that cost you. Overall if App's are used with proper control can help in improving the learning experience. 

Schools, colleges can also make their own app's and roll out learning through it. They can also make use of it for interaction with students, parents. Internet, app's are for 24 hours while classroom have their own timings. 

Thus this methodology can break the timing rule and impart learning anytime, anywhere. All in all if done with smart thinking even android apps can change the learning experience. One has to really understand the role of technology in school life and use it appropriately for better results.

6. Put technology to improve reading habits

Reading books of different varieties specially for children and college goers is a very important thing. There are countless reasons why reading is important for children and college goers. People who read more normally find it easier to make decisions, plan and execute in life. Reading has huge power and this fact is accepted by all. 

When it comes to reading through paper books it has its own advantages and disadvantages. In today's digital world we have lot of options to ditch paper and go digital. 

There are option of e-reading that make it fun and advantageous. E-readers like amazon kindle have various features that help in a much better reading experience. 

Parent and teachers however need to show students how exactly to use this devices and make sure online access is cut off so that time is not wasted on other entertainments online.

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