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Sunday, 3 December 2017

facts about guatemala

facts about guatemala

Guatemala is a country in central America that has Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize countries as its neighbours. A country with very old civilization that resides next to pacific ocean and has a sizable population. 

This country with diverse ethnic group does not have official recognised religion. It has seen lot of immigrants mostly coming from Europe. Here are 10 interesting facts about guatemala

1. The Mayan Civilization

The Mayan Civilization

Guatemala has very old civilization that has a history of more than 20000 years. Known as the Mayan civilization more than half of the people identify them self as part of this civilization. 

This civilization was developed in the meso-american cultural area. 

Mesoamerica  was one of the cradles of civilization across world. The early mesoamerica had the knowledge of blood, astronomy and cosmovision. They were also experimenting with domestication of plants that led to establishment of agriculture.

2. Home to lots of volcanoes

volcanoes in guatemala

Guatemala has 37 volcanoes which turns out to be a bigger number considering the size of the country. Out of these total 33 volcanoes three are active volcanoes.  The three volcanoes are Pacaya, Fuego, and Santiaguito. All of these volcanoes are very active and you could see the lava eruption or explosion coming from them. 

Authorities keep a close eye on these volcanoes and there have been cases before where in evacuation were ordered. 

Despite the eruption visitors do visit these volcanoes to see the lava coming.

The highest point in Guatemala is also on a volcano. Volcano Tajumulco has the highest point which stands at 4,211 feet. Volcanoes in Guatemala have been of historic importance since the countries inception. 

You will also beautiful black sand volcanic beaches here which give a very different feel if you are looking for something different altogether.

3. Mayan Babies Don't Cry

Mayan Babies Don't Cry

In the Mayan civilization they have a legend that the new born babies do not cry. While this is a legend but Mayan babies in general are very quite and soft spoken. 

In reality they do cry but they do tend to be more quiet may be due to the fact that when they are with their moms they are always carried in their moms back. The legend is that the babies do not cry because they are warriors.

4. History of Inventions

instant coffee invented in guatemala

It is believed that Guatemala is the country where first instant coffee was prepared. We all love instant coffee and we should thank Guatemala for this beautiful and tasty beverage that is so easy for preparation and easy fr shipping as well. 

Not only coffee it is also believed that the first ever chocolate bar was also prepared in Guatemala. They invented the chocolate bar during the Mayan times.

5. A giant Hole was formed

A giant Hole in guatemala

In year 2010 a large hole opened up in the middle of  Guatemala City that puzzled everyone. The whole was a huge one that was around a height of 30 stories deep and 60 feet wide. It was believed that the hole was the result of the building material that was used in the city. 

The hole swallowed a complete building along with a home. It resulted in a mans death. The hole had become a tourist attraction for a short span of time.

6. Poor Country with lot of crime

crime in guatemala

Guatemala is a poor country in central America that also see lot of crime. Nearly 5000 people lose their lives in violent crimes that are mostly gang crimes. About 15 % of people here live on less than a 1.25 dollar per day. 

Guatemala is however a largest economy in central America with a nominal GDP per capita income of USD 5200. There seems to be unequal distribution of wealth among the people and more than 50% of the population comes under poverty. 

Guatemala also has high crime rate in Latin America. Tourism has become one of the main economy driver for this country.

7. Has total 3 UNESCO Sites

UNESCO site in guatemala

Guatemala has the total three UNESCO heritage sites in the world. The historic site of Antigua Guatemala was built in the 16th century near a earthquake prone zone. 

In the year 1773 the architecture was destroyed and wherever remained was added as the UNESCO heritage site and was preserved under the heritage site. Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua in 1981 was identified as world heritage site due to the impressive sculpture work in the park. 

Most of the sculpture were curved in stones and depicted mythological animals and showed the earliest civilizations of Mayans. Tikal National Park is also a heritage site which has structures  that relate to the old Mayan civilization.

8. A very populated country

city in guatemala

Guatemala is a every populated country and in fact it is the most populous country in Central America. It has around population and more than 50% of the population is under the age of 20 years. 

The estimated population is around 16.6 million and has a density of around 129 per km2. It is also a very diverse country with lots if ethnic groups, religions. Around 20% of the population is European descent. 

Guatemala people mostly speak Spanish, nearly 93% of the people know to speak Spanish either as their first language or the second.

9. Funeral Belief. 

In Guatemala the have a belief that the persons soul should take rest as soon as the body dies hence they believe in doing the funeral as quickly as possible. 

Funerals are decorated with candles and mourned with loud crying for adults. For children however it is done quietly without loud mourning

10. Diverse Country

Guatemala is a very diverse country and many ethnic group residing in it. Although most people speak Spanish there are lot of people who speak different languages and there are more than 20 different language that you would find in Guatemala. 

During the colonial era lot of Spanish immigrants entered the country and also from all around the Europe who were politicians, entrepreneurs or refugees  looking to settle.

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