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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

10 Reasons why youtube is popular

why youtube is popular

1. Free access to countless videos
One of the most fascinating things about YouTube is that it gives free access to countless videos that are created by people around the world. Initially when it was launched; it was the only site of its type and still remains the most popular and successful. 

YouTube allows its users to watch videos free of cost and also anybody can upload videos as long as as they have a google account. 

You also need not be logged in to YouTube to watch the videos. This free service makes it a great site and also has been the reason for its success. 

YouTube is basically videos by the people for the people and the model has worked great for YouTube.

YouTube produces tons of videos everyday that are watched by millions of  people across world.

2. YouTube Video makers can earn money. Like a lot of money!

make money through youtube

Once the video is uploaded on YouTube it is available for millions of people to watch and thus has a huge potential of generating a large audience. Making a living from YouTube is not something surprising and many people do it for real.

With the kind of audience you have on YouTube, it is not a big thing. Obviously, the money wont come immediately. It definitely take some skills and sizeable audience for your videos or channel to make money. 

More than 5 billion videos get watched on YouTube every day and approximately 30 million users visit YouTube every day.

That's a very big chunk of people. 

And thus makes it easy for video creators to monetize it. Allowing to monetize videos is a big factor in getting people to create those new videos every day and thus making it a system "by the people for the people". There are several up-loaders who are making six figure income through their channels on YouTube.

3. It gives Education. Its a great platform for Knowledge sharing.

online education using youtube

A very good thing about YouTube is that one can learn anything from the videos uploaded. 

There are videos of anything you can think of. 

You have pool of resources who are experts in their fields, providing details through the best possible way of sharing, that is the video sharing. 

Many of the established educational institutions have YouTube channels to share the lectures, tutorials or news online. Education or knowledge through this medium has become more exciting and there are many individuals who are contributing to this. 

With YouTube available to anybody anywhere the teaching or the online education possibilities are actually endless. The potential has reached to almost new heights. 

YouTube is reaching countries around the globe and it is accessible from almost everywhere and it is growing day by day. There are lots of education channels that serve millions of people to learn new things, learn about anything that is interesting and that too free of cost.

4. It is Easy to watch and upload videos

how to upload videos on youtube

One of the very reason why YouTube is popular is because it has users who upload videos on their own. 

Uploading a video on YouTube is easy and anybody can have channel of their own as long as you have presence on google. 

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site and if you want to have a vlog than it is must to upload it on YouTube. 

There are many big banner film making companies that run YouTube Channels, after all YouTube has a user base that exceeds billions. And today nearly 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos rather than traditional live Television. YouTube is also the creator of most HD videos that you can find online, nearly 10% of the videos are High definition. 

YouTube creates unique content that gets a very large audience and thus attracts millions of views. YouTube therefore naturally attracts creative filmmakers who share their amazing pieces on YouTube Online. 

YouTube is definitely the modern day online television where you can choose what to watch, when to watch.

5. Contains vast amount of videos on almost every topic or genre

youtube video types

YouTube became more popular by 2006 and thus managed to get the attention from the tech giants like Microsoft, Yahoo who reportedly were looking to buy YouTube. 

Google, who had the financial capability to spend in billions acquired YouTube at $1.65 billion. 

YouTube at that time however; was  not making much money but had the potential of becoming the success it is today. Google was able to see the future and rightly acquired YouTube. 

From the first ever video that was uploaded on YouTube, it has managed to store videos of unimaginable lengths and hours. 

More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily.Whooping 5 Billion videos get watched on YouTube daily. 

There are thousands and thousands of full length movies available on YouTube. As they say in Search Engine Optimization terms "Content is King", in that sense YouTube is "king of kings" when it comes to content. After all the videos are uploaded by its users. 

The whole idea of users creating and sharing the videos is the winner. 

With the evolution of mobile devices YouTube garnered more growth and nearly 50% of its views come from mobile devices. The number of hours people spend watching videos on YouTube has grown exponentially. You search for a topic on YouTube and you will find handful of videos providing you the best video material.

6. You always get something new and fresh to watch

With so many channels operating on YouTube you always get something new to watch.

You will always find new trending topic videos flashing on your YouTube home page. YouTube is able to create a more personal relationship with its viewers. 

Its like personalised television just for you where in you can choose what to watch and what not to, How long to watch and when to turn it off. 

It really allows to let viewers know what is happening around the world using finger tips. There are numerous news channels that broadcast news and current happenings on YouTube. Almost all big brands have their presence on YouTube. This ability to generate huge content also answers the question how did youtube become so successful.

7. Opens up Business Opportunity for everyone

make money through youtube

Nothing is more attention seeker than a well crafted and directed video. 

TV ads have been traditional choice of businesses to showcase their products to the vast audience. YouTube is an online TV for people who can watch anything anytime. With the number of users getting hooked on YouTube it is the best place for advertisers to hunt for new leads and also make a lasting impression on consumers. 

YouTube is a very high demand platform where products are advertised and people are wooed into buying. It provides the best medium to reach to the million of people across globe. 

YouTube also provides varied strategies of marketing and thus advertisers can target the audience group according to their product. YouTube thus creates a great opportunity for businesses to sell their products. And with video monetize option up-loaders or channel owners can also make money from their successful videos.

8. Watch Videos Offline

YouTube also offers an option of saving videos offline using android or IOS mobile devices. You can use youtube offline downloader to download and watch YouTube videos offline. This option is however not available for desktop machines. This feature was lately introduced and is a great option if you want to watch videos offline. 

The saved video can be watched later without internet connectivity. This feature however is not available with all videos and some videos do not give the option of downloading. Features likes this is what makes YouTube unique.

9. Sharing YouTube videos is easy

YouTube videos can be easily shared on other social networking platforms like Facebook. Facebook is the second ranked site from where YouTube gets views first obviously is YouTube.com 

YouTube videos can also be shared on other social networking platforms like google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit or Slideshare. You can use youtube share button and share the video to desired platform easily

10.You can make animated GIF from a portion of a YouTube video

GIF is a hugely popular way of sharing things on social media and gets a huge reaction from users. Making GIF's is a skill and you can also make your GIF's through YouTube videos. You can use the YouTube URL and then generate the GIF from Gifs.com. Visit here for step by step guide for creating GIF from YouTube video.

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