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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

how to learn new technologies quickly

how to learn new technologies quickly

We are living in a world that is changing way faster than we thought earlier. New technologies are developing faster and so are the approaches to learn and adapt them.

Over the past few years we have seen many new things that have changed the way we live. The resources that we have today have also increased way beyond our imagination. 

Internet has made all things possible. Online courses, resources have made easy accessibility to learning new technologies. The whole idea of developing new technologies is to make things simple and automate things that will need minimal human efforts. 

When it comes to adapting new technology people fail due to various reasons. Being able to adapt to new technology has become an essential in today's workplace. 

Learning new technology could be a challenge and at the same you could make it fun. 

But, when it comes to switching over completely to a new technology it could give you stress and with less time it could be very difficult to manage time. Here are few things that could help you learn new technology or programming faster and with ease.

1. Know the purpose

how to learn new technologies quickly

First things first. Ask yourself why you want to do this. Learning new technology is a great thing no doubt but learning new things or technology without purpose will not take you anywhere. 

So, the first thing you need to understand is you need to have well defined purpose. It could be anything; finding a new job with better prospect, better salary or it could be that you are fascinated with the new technology that you have heard of and want to build a career in it. 

Anything without purpose does not and will not go long.

This is important because you are going to put in efforts and most importantly your valuable time into learning it so be firm and once you know the answer just go for it.

Asking this simple question before starting can actually help you in learning anything new not only technology or new programming language.

2. Set the Goals.

how to learn new technologies quickly

Once you know that you are going to do it, the first thing that you have to do is start. The most important thing in achieving anything is to get a start. 

A good start will be cream on the cake and if its a planned start then you will have better control over what you are doing.

If you want to succeed you need to have well defined goals. Goal setting in itself is a big task. You need to have proper goals which a measurable, achievable so be careful while setting the goals. 

You need to keep in mind that your goals should motivate you and should be with proper face. You need to keep them relevant. You should write down your goals because you may very well forget them so better write and follow as per schedule.

3. Do not miss the fundamentals.

how to learn new technologies quickly

You may find many short courses or crash courses to learn the technology that you are interested but think twice about it. If you are willing to make it big long term then focus on fundamentals because without fundamentals you may not be able to long and will definitely fall short at time.

Building fundamentals is the key, once you have mastered the fundamentals of that technology you can explore and master it with time.

There is a myth that only people with maths can master the programming or technology this however is not true and anyone with interest in science and technology and good analytical skills can make it big with proper learning. The better you understand the fundamentals the easier it is going to be to learn the advanced concepts.

4. Get yourself into it. Hands on is the actual thing

how to learn new technologies quickly

No matter how much you read or see it is only the hands on experience that will make you learned in the technology that you want to pursue. Learning by doing is the best way to approach any new technology. Only by doing will you be able to get the real feel of things and the sooner you start better it will be. 

Even if you go through all the reading material you have at your disposal you wont get to know how it will be in real. Things may seem simple while reading but it may not so unless you try them practically. So get the hand dirty, get it started. Practically.

5. Ask for help. 

how to learn new technologies quickly

Having hands on experience is a good thing but at times you may get stuck with no prior experience and you may not be able to move. At such times; follow and embrace the already experienced. 

Find out materials written by other people, follow them, follow their blogs.

Communities related to the new technology if present could be of great help where people will be sharing their experience and solutions. Ask for help and you will find it for sure. People are ready to help if you ask them as for learning it goes sharing only increases your knowledge so will always find people who are willing to help either in person or by various other online means.

6. Play with sample codes.
If you browse through the Internet world you will definitely find sample codes or things about the technology you are willing to learn. Playing with sample codes will give you the confidence and this will be a great hands on supplement.

7. Don't Quit.

how to learn new technologies quickly

Your programming skills will not be the reason for you to quit but your approach to learning it could be.

Having right approach will make you stick to your goal and keep you interested if you chose the right path. Every time you think of quitting think of the reason you started. 

Still if you are not satisfied visit the action plans again, talk to the already successful people in the niche. Get your self boosted and keep learning.

8. Educate Others. Educate yourself.

how to learn new technologies quickly

Blogs are a great online resources for learning specially in tech industry. People share things that they learn and in the process make others learn. 

Sharing things through blogs or another means will only make you more learned and you may develop connections with people having similar interests. 

Have a habit of sharing things that you accumulate over time and this will definitely help you. It may not be possible to this immediately but can be taken up as you grow in the technology. 

Tech communities are of great help where you could ask initially and later you could answer for others. This will be a great place to become more learned all together.

9. Know the change. Go with the Change.

how to learn new technologies quickly

Technology keeps on changing. Every programming language is believed to have a life cycle which is believed to be of around 10 years and then it starts fading and new things come up. 

You need to keep pace with the changing technology and keep adapting. It is going to be a learning loop and you will keep rediscovering yourself through this journey.

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