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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

it was magical growing up in 90s india

Those who grew in the 90's or late 80's had a great time. Unlike today's generation we didn't had the mobile phones to play games neither we had thousands of channel in cable networks. We played indoor games during rains, played outdoor whole day on Sunday's. We had schools that weren't run whole day. Our day would finish by 10 PM and waking after that was late. We watched only one channel and spent quality time watching meaningful serials with our family. The only channel would also go off air after 11 PM. We celebrated festivals with our whole family and we believed in living together.

Below pics present our childhood and you will feel nostalgic after seeing these pics. Share with all your friends, family members who will feel the same.

1. Mile Sur mera tumhara.

This song filled our hearts every time it played on TV (Doordarshan)

2. Campass Box
Camel compass box was one of our favourite stationary item that we handled with high care. 

3. Chandrakanta
Epic TV series on Doordarshan that was played early morning at around 9 AM. The famous kroor singh and his dialogue yakoo..

4. Chor Police Game
While today's kids are busy playing on mobile, play stations we played indoor games that were played using these chits.

5. Dalda Ghee
These cans were reused after the ghee in it was over and were to be seen every where in kitchen.

6. Dekh Bhai Dekh
Another TV series that made our days and we enjoyed it with full family.

7. Digital Watch
This was more valuable than today's smart mobiles. Only selected lucky kids would get it. And the show Off.

8. DoorDarshan
The only channel in India. This made our entertainment whole day but would go off air after 11 PM except on Friday and Saturday when it aired not so latest movies.

9. Hero Ink pen
One of our prized collections. Ran on ink and looked classy.

10. Land line Phones
Landline phones that would not run most of the times. Calls were costly and not all had this in their homes.

11. Ludo
One of our favourite games. We played this during holidays and enjoyed it a lot.

12. Mahabharat
Roads would go traffic less when this tv serial would play on doordarshan. Kids, adults, old people all would sit in front of tv and enjoy this epic Ramanand sagar's drama.

13. Malgudi Days
Malgudi days was a classic series that touched us and those were the days :-( 
No matter what those days we all know were the best.

14. Marble Games
While our mother shouted loud at us we continued playing outside. One more and it  would extend to hours more and we wouldn't know how time fly.

15. Muqqala muqqabala laila
Oh boy ! Our super hero dance that made us move. Epic song with a super dance moves. This made our day as kids.

16. Outdoor games we played
This and many other outdoor games that we played throughout day with friends ,real friends of our neighbourhood, school friends.

17. Ice cold pepsi
While today we sip on cold drinks, and other drinks. Then; we had this that made our day.

18. Big Fun 
This was one of our favourites because it came with those cricket player cards. We would make up for that 1 Rupee somehow and buy this and again and again until we had almost all players that came.

19. Poppins
This were favourites of small kids and girls. Those many fancy colours were more attractive than the taste.

20. Reynold Pen
We loved this pen more than any other. This was our school companion. Teachers too had this stuck inside their pockets.

21. Shaktiman
First Indian superhero that took all kids by storm. This was our television superhero that made our entertainment. This was way bigger than superman or batman for us.

22. Television
This is where we watched the Doordarshan. It came with a wooden door that we would close at night.

23. Supermario
Some of us played this for hours and hours

24. Surabhi
This two people made into our life during sunday's at night. We loved this series and loved every single bit of it. In today's thousand channel life it is not possible to get such a quality time that we spent with our families watching this series.

25. Candies
This were the best candies that we ate. so many of them in just a single rupee. Amazing !

26. Tehkikat
This suspense thriller gave us the needed thrilling entertainment. Suspense and storylines of this series is no match to today's serials.

27. Video Cassets
We would watch new movies using these cassets. We ddint had the cd's or dvd's neither we had world tv premiers of latest movies happening on channels

28. Cricket World Cup In India
1996 wills world cup in India. We all watched it on DD1. The India Srilanka match in kolkata, india Pakistan match in Bangalore. That was a great time.

29 Brcik game
Brick Game was a modern way of time pass. We played those black brick games with high interest.

You may have felt nostalgic after going through this pics. Share with your friends.

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