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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Interesting facts about Palo Alto In California

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is one of the top technology Cities in California that is also surrounded by other growing cities. It is 15 miles from San Jose and 35 Miles of San Francisco. This Birthplace of Silicon Valley shares boundaries with google headquartered City Mountain View on East Side and Facebook headquartered city Menlo Park on the West Side. 

This City has more than six thousand businesses running around it and is a home to several technology giants. Palo Alto is a Charter City where in governing system is defined by City's own charter document rather than the state. Here are few things that one should know before travelling to Palo Alto. Some amazing facts about Palo Alto that would also make you aware of the Palo Alto Culture, History and Heritage.

1. Palo Alto got its name from a tree "El Palo Alto"

el palo alto

Palo Alto was Incorporated in 1894 and its name literally means Tall Tree. It got its name from a redwood tree called as the El Palo Alto.The tree is historical landmark No 2 in the state of California; Number one being Old Customhouse in Monterrey. 

The tree El Palo Alto is also depicted on the Official seal of Palo Alto and also on the Official seal of Stanford University. The tree still stands tall today but its health has deteriorated but is better as compared to around a century ago and is only around 68% of its original height. Efforts have been made to conserve the species and seeds of the tree have been planted american forests.

2. Palo Alto is a destination for many events.

May Fete Parade Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a home to number of annual events. One of the events is the May Fete Parade; started more than 80 years ago it is the oldest children parade in the whole of California. Palo alto also has numerous museums that are the tourist destination for travellers.  Fisherman's Wharf, the Museum of Modern Art, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge are some the museums in Palo Alto.

3. Stanford University is in Palo Alto

Stanford University Palo Alto Facts

Stanford University main campus is present in Palo Alto although it is not fully but only a part of the campus comes under Palo Alto. The Palo Alto was actually established by Leland Stanford when he founded the university of Stanford in 1884. Stanford university is one of highly ranked university. Stanford is truly worlds university as it only has around one third of students from the state of California and rest are from the other states of United States and from around 55 countries in the world. Stanford is also a huge employer in Palo Alto and has more than 10,000 people working as staff.

It has produced many sportsman and has a very rich sports heritage. There are many sports team that play from Stanford. Stanford students have been winning gold medals at every Olympics since the 1908. They have won more than 240 Olympics medal and more than 125 of them have been gold medals. More than any normal country could Win. Amazing !

4. Host to headquarters of global companies

Vmware Headquarter

Palo alto like other towns around in the neighbourhood is also a host to many technology and global business companies. It is a headquarter city for firms like cloud infrastructure giant  VMware, american automaker and energy storage company Tesla Motors, Information technology global leader Hewlett-Packard to name a few.

Palo alto is also the incubator to other big global companies. Search engine synonym Google, the social network site Facebook, Pinterest, Intuit, Paypal, Sun Microsystems all started out in Palo Alto. It is because of this the city is also called as the founding city of Silicon Valley. It is because of this business setups that the city has very high per capita income and the population that lives here is mostly highly educated and well employed.

5. Awesome climate

Park In Palo Alto

Palo Alto has pleasant climate all through out the year. Mediterranean climate that sees warm summer and cooler winters. It also receives an average rain during the monsoon. An amazing place to be in if you want good weather where in you wouldn't be feeling too hot during summer and not too cold during winters. 

The city is filled with trees that are grown and taken care. The City Name Palo alto itself means tall tree. The urban area has many trees and almost gives a feeling of living inside a park. The Area also has good neighbourhood vibes with good walk-able areas and bike tracks making it cycling friendly. It also produces fresh vegetables, fruits which you can get during Sunday market day.

6. Very good public school system

palo alto school system

Palo Alto has a very good reputation for the public schooling system in comparison to other cities around the state of California. In fact Palo Alto public schools have been praised and given high ranks in the news across united states and world reports. Also Palo Alto schools have exceptional acceptance rates at top universities, Schools offer decent variety of courses to choose from. 

Overall the public schooling is good and it is also evident from the fact that almost 90% of the students go on to get the graduate degree later on. It is also seen that families with children prefer Palo alto as their residence place even if they have jobs in neighbouring cities like mountain view, San Jose or Menlo park. Education system in Palo Alto makes it a great place to live in.

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