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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Best Cities for living and jobs in Canada


Canada is the second largest country in the world. More than 50 percent of its residents have college degree's and hence is considered to be the most educated country in the world. 

Canada has a huge coastline and is world's largest coastline than any other country, it also has huge number of lakes and its lake area is greater than the area of the lakes combined all around the world.

Canada shares border with united states and is also the largest international border between 2 nations in the world. This peace loving country has no weapons of mass destruction and had signed treaties for this in the year 1984. Canada was invaded by america twice but both the time they were unsuccessful. 

United states tried invading Canada in the year 1812 and 1755. Canada however has remained good friends with united states, Canada declared war on japan immediately after pearl harbour attack during world war 2 even before united states declared the war on Japan.

Canada falls under most prosperous countries in the world and hence it is no surprise that people all around the world move to Canada for jobs. Canada is also ranked higher than other countries when it comes to personal freedom. Canada has a very vibrant economy and has high room for growth which provides lots of job prospects to residents. 

People in healthcare industry, information technology and engineering are highly sought after.

Canada is found to be a very happy country and its people are found to be more happy as compared to its neighbouring country united states. 

Canada has large number of big cities that provide lots of job opportunities and hence the population has been growing at decent rate. Here are some of the best cities for living as well as for good job opportunities in Canada.

5.  Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John, New Brunswick

This port city belongs to the province of New Brunswick. It is one of the oldest cities that were incorporated. Saint Johns is also the largest city in New Brunswick. 

With a population of around One lac this city has good job opportunities. It has a lot of full time job providing opportunities and almost 50% of the population works full time. The jobless rate stands close to 7% and the median salary than an individual gets is around 45,000. 

Citizens of Saint John live a very satisfying quality of life and have very good access to lots of green spaces and recreational activities. All this factors make this city a very much living friendly city.

4. Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec city is the capital of Quebec province of Canada. This 7th largest metropolitan area city in Canada has a population of around 6 lac 70 thousand which seems to be growing at 3-5% every 5 years. 

The job opportunities however are growing at much faster rate and hence there are not much unemployed people here,  less than  5% people remain jobless here. It is a smaller city in comparison to the other big city in province Montreal and has french speaking community. 

City has lovely parks and outdoor activities like skiing, boating, kayaking. The city is cheap in comparison to other cities and very safe to live in. It has a combination of north american and European culture.

3. Calgary


Calgary is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta and has a population of around 12 lac 39 thousands and has large metropolitan population which stands at 4th place in Canada. Calgary economy is strong one has been performing well since a decade and two.

It deals with lots of sectors like technology, energy, film and television, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retails and many more sectors. The city  is considered as the capital of oil and gas industry in Canada. Calgary provides full time employment to around 53.5% percent of the population.  

Calgary is highly diverse ethnically and has population that is mostly European by origin. Many minority ethnic groups are part of the residents here and many are immigrants from different countries.

2.  Regina


Regina is the capital city of  Canadian province  Saskatchewan. The city is second largest in Saskatchewan and is considered to be the cultural as well as commercial capital of Saskatchewan. Regina has a population of 2 lac 36 thousands and is growing at 12%. 

This city is more affordable as compared to other cities around Canada and its job providing growth has been increasing faster than the population. 

This city unlike other cities has less immigrant population and the local Canadian population stands higher than 90%. It has a very strong economy and thus its unemployment rates have always remained much less.

1. Ottawa


Ottawa is the capital city of country Canada. It was founded in the year 1826 and was initially named as "Bytown" later in the year 1855 it was incorporated as Ottawa. 

It is situated on the bank on river Ottawa from where the city got  its name. 

This city has evolved as the political powerhouse. Ottawa has full time job population of around 50% and low unemployment rate. Ottawa has highest numbers of engineers, scientists, PhD's than any other city in Canada. 

This city has highest median income in comparison to other cities. The city mostly speaks 2 languages french and English. Main industries here include high tech, life sciences, professional services etc.

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