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Friday, 20 October 2017

Interesting facts about Pune

Located in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is a fast Growing City in India. Situated on the Deccan Plateau, the City resides on the bank of River Mutha. This Administrative City of Pune district is home to lakhs of people that have flocked in from different other states. Pune is a manufacturing and Information Technology hub that has numerous education institutes. Local Pune residents are very proud of being punekar and so are newly settled people. This City embarrasses all kinds of population and is truly a metropolitan City. Below are some amazing facts about Pune.

1. Second Most Populous City In Maharashtra.

Due to the fact that Pune has numerous manufacturing units and Information Technology units set up across city it is no wonder that Pune is the seventh Most Populous City in India. People come here as the city provides with lots of job opportunities to both highly educated as well as less educated. It is also the second most populous city in the State of Maharashtra.

2. A very large City. Expanding very rapidly.

Pune is the second largest City in the State of Maharashtra. Pune is expanding on all the sides and has become a very favourite destination of property market.

3.  Education City, Oxford of East.

Pune is home to numerous educational institutes and sees a large chunk of youth coming In for education. It is because of this that the City of Pune is also called as the "Oxford of East". It is also home to numerous international students. In fact Half of the International Students in India study in the City of Pune; making it the hub of education for international students in India.

5. Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra

Pune is also called as the Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra. Pune was the place where "Lokmanya Tilak" started the concept of "Sarwajanik Ganeshostav". It is one of the most celebrated festivals across country. Rich in its culture the city has contributed a lot towards Marathi literature and theatre art. FTII or the film and television institute of India is located at the Senapati Bapad Road in Pune. The institute has the history of producing India's finest television and film artists and is regarded as one of the world best film institutes.

6. City Of sportsman and Games

Pune City produces a handful of sportman and has also invented a game that is played internationally. The game of Badminton was actually invented here in Pune. The game was initially referred to as "Poona".

7.  Good Economy and Fast growing City

Pune has sixth highest per capita income in India and is home to numerous IT companies and manufacturing units. Pune has industrial units that are into manufacturing. Number of IT parks has led to a lot of development and economy is a lot better than other cities in India.

8. Religion and Standard Of living.

Almost 80% of the population in Pune is of Hindus and 11% Muslims. Pune has better standard of living and has better facilities.

9. Party City Of India.

Due to a large metropolitan population, the city has turned itself into a place where everybody could submerge in. As per the needs of youth the city has grown itself into a party destination. Places like Koregaon Park has very high number of restaurants, pubs. In fact Pune has highest number of pubs in Asia.

10. Historic City with Close relation to India Independence.

Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned at Pune in "Aga Khan Palace" during the Quit India Movement. Kasturba Gandhi also Passed away in the Aga Khan Palace. The Aga Khan palace is now a museum that has all the memories in it.

12. Mall Culture and Property Market

Pune has some of the biggest malls across country like Phoenix market City, Amanora mall, Seasons Mall etc. Pune due to its metropolitan culture has grown very much in the property market. Residential Apartments, showrooms have been developed at the speed way far ahead of some of the other cities in India. Prices have also soared very much and they are on the verge of going close to Mumbai prices. Pune is also looked as second option to Mumbai for property investments.

13. Too Much traffic.

Pune has a very huge traffic specially two wheeler. Pune has a huge number of Two Wheeler's running on its roads. In fact it is one of the cities to have highest number of two wheelers in Asia. Public transport is not so good and hence the individual vehicles overcrowd the roads of Pune. Unlike Mumbai, Pune does not have better local train network that could serve the public. There have been round of talks and plans about metro starting in Pune.

14. Information Technology City Of India.

If there is any city that is growing in IT after Bangalore than it is Pune. A large number of IT companies operate from pune and has become one of the major employers in the City.
IT jewel Company "Infosys" was established in Pune by Narayan Murthy and his 6 other partners in the year 1981. Now, Infosys has a huge campus in Pune Hinjewadi IT park

15. Historically Important City.

Pune has the history of being an important city. Pune was the headquarter of Peshwa Empire


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  2. Proud to be PUNEKAR
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