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Sunday, 1 October 2017

General info and facts about George Washington

George Washington is one american that can never be forgotten by america. He was the man who founded the america. George Washington is seen by everyone, everybody without realising it. He is the face on one dollar bill. His name is present on counties, schools, capitol. An army man who fought wars, George Washington was a very brave man. 

George Washington could think fast, take tough decisions and at the same time could stay calm. He could hold the country together during the early days of america. Definitely ,without him america wouldn't have been what it is today and he very much deserves to be on one dollar bill. Here are some facts about the greatest american.

1. George Washington was the first President Of The United States. He remained as president from 1789 till 1797

2. He served 2 terms as US President even though there was no restriction of how many terms a president can have at that time.

3. He was born on the 22nd February of 1732

4. He played an important role in the Establishment of United States as a nation and is also called as the "Father Of the Country", he is one of the founding fathers of the united States.

5. George Washington had 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters.

6. He was born in Pope's Creek, Virginia

7. John Adams was the second president of United states and succeeded George Washington at the office.

8. US at that time was a small country with only 11 states and 4 Million Population.

9. George Washington Attended school from the age 6 but had to drop out at 15 due to financial problems.

10. George Washington got married at the age 26 to a widow who had 2 children.

11. George Washington suffered from numerous ailments throughout his life. He also had Toothaches for years and later he got all his teeth's removed.

12. George Washington had no children of his own.

13. George Washington did not have a middle Name.

14. Washington believed in innovation at agriculture and supported such projects.

15. It is him who is on the US dollar currency notes. He is the father Of The country.

16.  He died on the 4th of December in 1799 he was 67.

17. George Washington was a very loyal friend, and husband to his wife.

18. George Washington's father was a landowner and planter who died when George Washington was just 11 years old.

19. George Washington was selected unanimously. All the state representatives had voted for him.

20. George Washington was heavily built by body, very tall and was great athlete

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