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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

20 Interesting facts about salesforce CRM

salesforce facts

Cloud Computing is a way of sharing resources scattered across internet with minimal efforts. Cloud Computing allow users to store and process data through resources that are not stored on their own machine but are located else where which the end user do not even know where they are. Cloud Computing has completely revolutionised the way we utilise some of the services. One such Cloud Computing service provider is Salesforce. Salesforce has completely changed the way CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is used. No hassle of installing or managing the resources, just pay the license fee per user basis and get the outcome through your browser. Below are some of the facts about Salesforce.

1. Salesforce is a cloud computing company that has a cloud based CRM as its main product.

2. Salesforce was founded by Marc Benioff ,Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez  in the year 1999.

3. Salesforce is headquartered in San Fransisco, California, United States.

4. Parker Harris,  Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez were the developers of the initial service that was written for salesforce CRM.

5.  Initial Public Offering of Salesforce was done in the year 2004. It is listed on New York Stock Exchange and traded through symbol CRM

6. Salesforc CRM constitutes various modules. Main modules being Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, community cloud.

7. As of 2017 Salesforce had more than 1 lac customers using the Salesforce CRM product.

8. Salesforce spends billions of dollars on acquisitions and has history of long list of acquisitions. It acquires product based companies that help grow and expand the cloud CRM product. Those products are then integrated with the base Salesforce CRM.

9. Some of the acquired companies that became part of the Salesforce CRM family includes do.com, desk.com, work.com and many more. These were all relatively smaller companies that were acquired by salesforce and later stitched to the main CRM product.

10. Salesforce has an App store called as AppExchange where third party application are available for free as well as by paid subscriptions.This store idea was launched by salesforce in the year 2005 much before the apple or android store ideas were launched.

11. Salesforce uses click and drop setup for setting up the basic CRM process as per requirements.

12. Salesforce has its own developed programming language for building complex logic requirements called as "Apex"

13. Salesforce also has its own developed custom UI building language called as "Visualforce". It also launched a component based framework called as "Lightning"

14. In 2016 Salesforce launched its Artificial Intelligence tool "Salesforce Einstein" which can be used by developers/administrators to add Intelligence to the existing CRM features.

15. Salesforce CRM constitutes a whopping 19% market share of overall CRM market as of 2017

16. Salesforce Hosts an annual conference/learning program or fest called as "DreamForce" in United Sates where developers, partners and customers come together. Salesforce introduces new features and services during this time.

17. Salesforce releases new features to the cloud CRM through 3 different releases every year. The three releases are known as "Winter Release", "Spring Release" and "Summer Release"

18. Salesforce has number of paid Certification for developers, administrators and sales people working in Salesforce CRM. Certification holders are required to take maintenance exams every release; that is three times a year to keep the certification active.

19. Salesforce is abbreviated as SFDC that is salesforce dot com.

20. Salesforce has more than 25 thousand employees as of 2017.

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