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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Amazing Facts about Mumbai

Mumbai is India's  most crowded city and is also the Business capital of India. "Bollywood" India's film industry is located in the City Of Mumbai. Mumbai is very densely populated and expanding at a very high rate. It is nothing less than a lifeline of India. You can live in big cities, plush cities but living in Mumbai is a different experience by all means.Only a person who has lived in Mumbai can feel how it is to stay in Mumbai. Living in any other city in India and living in Mumbai is a complete different experience. Here are some interesting facts about Mumbai that will amaze and make you feel the urge to go to Mumbai One day for Sure.

1. "Mumbai" is Cities New Name. It was not called as Mumbai always.

Mumbai was originally called as Bombay. It was in the year 1995 that the name was changed to Mumbai and since then city is proudly called as Mumbai.

2.Local Railway is the Lifeline of Mumbai.

Mumbai is the City where the first ever train had run in India in the year 1863.  Local Trains in Mumbai is the cheapest way of transport in Mumbai. But it is also the most crowded transport as millions of People travel through these local trains everyday. The local train network in Mumbai covers more than 400 Km. The Local train service in Mumbai almost never stops, only a One and half hour break is taken at 2 AM in the night.

3. Dubbawala's serve the food to most Working Mumbaikars

Working Community in Mumbai are served with lunchboxes by Dubbawalas. The lunch Boxes travel through bicycles, Trains and reach every corner of the City before the Lunch. The tradition dates back to 1890. Unique colour coding, markings are used to identify the destination of the lunchboxes. 

4. Plush Mumbai also has significant Poverty with Slum Areas

At one side you see plush apartments, buildings showrooms, malls and one side you also see the poverty, slums. Mumbai has a huge slum area and large percentage of population lives in Slums. Most slums do not have individual toilets and taps. Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in Mumbai which has more than 1 Million population and is also Asia's biggest slum areas.

5. Mumbai is Managed and Administered by BMC

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or the BMC is the civic body that governs Mumbai. BMC is a very old organization and is more than 125 years old. The annual budget of BMC is huge and it is bigger than some of the smaller states in India. BMC gets its most of budget through the employees that contribute the tax.

6. Densely Populated

Mumbai due to its ability to provide job, work has a huge population. It is one of most densely cities in the world. More than 18 Million people reside in the city and the population density stands at 21000 /km2.

7. City of Films. Bollywood Of India

Mumbai houses the Hindi and Marathi Film Community. Hindi film industry is also known as Bollywood. It is Countries biggest film producing industry. Bollywood produces more than 1000 films per year that is twice the number of films produced in Hollywood

8. Traffic In Mumbai. Walking seems faster Sometimes.

Even though Mumbai has good traffic rule following, Bette marking road safety markings still it sees a lot of traffic jams. This is mainly due to a huge population that is living in the city.

9. Terrorist Attacks On Mumbai

Mumbai has always been on Terrorists radar since a long time. There have been many attacks on Mumbai most deadly being the 26/11 attack that took place in 2008. Close to 166 people died in the attack. Other major attacks include the 1993 bombings and 2006 train bombings that also took many lives.

10. The Seven Islands

Mumbai was formed by uniting seven islands. The seven islands were joined over a period of more than 150 years through reclamation projects.

11. The Share Market 

Bombay Stock Exchange or the BSE Asia's first stock market is located in Mumbai it was established in the 1875. NSE or the national stock exchange is also located in Mumbai it is world 12th Largest stock Exchange.

12. Highly Priced Property Market

Mumbai has a huge property market that has gone beyond ordinary men's reach. Prices soaring has left many people live without homes in Mumbai.

13. Cricket crazy City

Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar crickets most loved stars come from this City. Mumbai also hosted the 2011 World Cup final that India Won against the Sri lankan Team. Wankhede Stadium is a most loved stadium for hosting international matches of India. It is also the home ground of "Mumbai Indias" team that plays for Indian Premier League. There is a huge fan following for cricket in Mumbai.

14.  The Taj

Hotel Taj in Mumbai is a famous 5 Star hotel in Mumbai Colaba region. It was One of India's first 5 star hotel. The Taj was attacked during the 26/11 attack. Hotel has around 560 rooms and 11 restaurants.

15. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus famously known as CST

It is also called as the Victoria Terminus. The station was built in the year 1887 . It was India's first ever station and was called as Bori Bunder Initially. More than 3 million people use CST every day.

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