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Thursday, 12 October 2017

11 Interesting facts about Auckland

auckland facts
Located in the North Island of New Zealand, the City Auckland is a beauty on earth. This City is really a City of Sails with all sorts of sports being played here; skiing, swimming, horse racing, bungee jumping, rugby. A great place to live for a young adult. The city has a good Polynesian population that comes from different countries. Auckland is city of tough people. Trams, railway line helped the Auckland expand in the first half of 20th Century. Below are some of the facts about Auckland.

1. Auckland is a city in New Zealand that has largest urban population in the country.

2. Auckland is Not the capital city of New Zealand. A lot of people mistake Auckland as New Zealand's Capital but it is not. Wellington is the capital city.

3. Auckland however was the capital City of New Zealand way back in the year 1842 for 25 years. Later, Wellington was declared as New Zealand's capital.

4. Auckland is also referred to as "City of Sails" because of sailboats , yachts marinas around seashores of the city.

5. Auckland is home to diverse culture and has significant Polynesian population. Polynesian means consisting of various ethnic groups around the world. New Zealand as a whole comes at number two for having most Polynesian in the world just after United States.

6. Auckland is one of the world's expensive cities yet it is identified as the most livable city in the world.

7. "The University of Auckland" is the largest university in New Zealand. It was established in the year 1883. It is also the highest ranked university in New Zealand and also ranks within 100 in the world.

8. Currently Office building "Vero Centre" is the tallest building in Auckland with a height of 574 feet and 38 floors. It was constructed in the year 2000.

9. Under Construction building "NDG Auckland Centre" will be the highest building when it is completed in the year 2020.

10. "Auckland Airport" is the busiest airport in New Zealand and it also ranks at number four in Australia Continent as whole after Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Auckland airport started its operations in the year 1966

11. Land of Auckland is home to more than 40 inactive volcanoes. These volcanoes has resulted in forming beautiful landscapes around the city.

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