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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Amazing facts about Google

1. Google was founded in the year 1998 on the September 4th at the Menlo park california.

2. Larry Page and Sergey Brina are the 2 founders of Google

3. Google Initial Public Offering took place on 19th August 2004. Google is traded at NASDAQ as GOOGL

4. Google headquarter is  Mountain View, California, U.S. and it is called as GooglePlex

5. Googles parent company is known as ALPHABET Inc

6. Google was nicknamed as BackRub during the initial days.

7. Craig Silverstein was hired as the first employee of google.

8. Domain Name Google was registered on September 15 1997.

9. Google in itself is not an English word but was modified and taken from the word googol which actually means number one followed by hundred zeros. IN June 2006 google was added as a verb by oxford English Dictionary

10. Alphabet the parent company of google was founded on October 2, 2015

11. Sunder Pichai is the current CEO of Google (2017)

12. Nearly 99% of the revenue of google comes from advertising.

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