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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Facts about the Statue Of Liberty

1. Statue of liberty is located at liberty Island which is in New York city of the United States.

2. Construction of Statue was completed and was dedicated on October 28 1886

3. The idea of the statue is believed to be from Edouard Rene de Laboulaye who was the president of the french anti slavery society and important political thinker of that time. The statue was built by Gustav eiffel and was designed by french sculpture  Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

4. The statue of liberty is around 46 meters high. The statue is actually of a women who is robbed and represents liberates a roman goddess. She hold s torch in her right hand above the head and a tabula ansata in her left hand.

5. More than 3 Million people visit the statue of liberty every year.

6. Statue of liberty is made up of copper.

7. The statue was actually built in the country France and was latter shipped and assembled.

8. In the year 1984 the statue of liberty became UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. The cost of construction was funded by both the french as well as american nationals. Around $102,000 were raised through donations.

10. The status of liberty was shown in a movie planet of apes in the year 1968 for the first time. The status has also been shown in movie independence day where it is shown as being destroyed.

11. It is Seen that the Statue has turned bit greenish. It is actually not paint but it is due to corrosion of copper that the colour has turned green some what.

12. You need to arrive at either Battery Park NY or Liberty State Park NJ and from there go through security checkpoints and then through ferry you go to liberty island.

13. You need to buy tickets to visit statue of liberty. There are three different types of ticket that you can buy. Grounds only, pedestal or crown ticket. Ground ticket only gives access to island. Pedestal tickets allow access of pedestal and museum. Where as with crown tickets you can have access to museum, pedestals and crown of the statue. Crown and pedestal tickets need reservations where as Ground tickets are given even after statue reservations are full.

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