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Saturday, 30 September 2017

This City Hosted Olympic Games Three Times - London Amazing Facts

london facts

1. City of London is the Capital of England. 

2.London is the most populous city of United Kingdom.

3. London is situated on the Bank of River Thames.

river thames innlondon

4. London has a huge population. It is the second most populous city in Europe. Paris is the most populous city in Europe

5. More than 300 different languages are spoken in the London region.

6. London's population accounts for about 13.4% population of United Kingdom.

7. London has hosted Olympic games three times in the history till date.

8. 2012 Olympic games were hosted in London

9. London had also hosted 1908 and 1948 Games. 

10. 1944 games were actually scheduled to be held in London but were cancelled due to world war 2. 

11. Canceled Games in 1944 were later held in the year 1948 in London and Switzerland.

london olympics

12. There are four heritage sites present in London.

13. Tower of London is located on northern bank of River Thames on the central London.

14. Some of the other famous sites or landmarks include the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye. 

Buckingham palace

15. London is  home to number of famous museums.

16. London Eye is a giant ferry wheel. It is 135 meters high having a diameter of 120 meters. 

17. Initial when london eye had opened in the year 2000 it was the tallest ferries wheel but was latter eclipsed by Star of Nanchang, Singapore flyer and High Roller in las Vegas. 

18. London eye has remained Europe's tallest flyer since it was built till now.

London Eye

19. London UnderGround is a public rapid transit system that operates in London and between other adjacent counties. 

20. London UnderGround is worlds first underground railway, it had opened in the year 1863

London Underground

21. World largest library "British Library" is located in London. 

22. "British Library" has more than 150 Million items from all over the world. It was created in the year 1973 on 1st of July.

British Library

23. Football is the most popular sport in London.

24. The five clubs from London in the premier league are "Chelsea", "Arsenal", "Crystal Palace", " West Ham United" and " Tottenham Hotspur"

footbal in london

25. London is home to 2 of the worlds most popular cricket grounds "The Oval" and "The Lords". 

26. Cricket Ground Lords has till now hosted four cricket world cup finals.

cricket ground in london

27. Wimbledon is the very popular and very old tennis championship that is organised in London. It was started in the year 1877 and happens to be the worlds oldest tennis tournament.

28. Spencer Gore was the winner of inaugural Wimbledon Championship

Wibledon in London

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