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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Facts about ISRO

1. ISRO stands fro Indian Space Research Organization. It is the space research organization of Indian government.

2. ISRO is headquartered in bangalore.

3. ISRO was formed in the year of 1969 on 15th August.

4. DR.VIKRAM SARABHAI formed the ISRO on 15th August 1969

5. SLV-3 was the first indigenous satellite vehicle of India.

6. The first satellite built by India was called "Aryabhatta" named after the mathematician aryabhatta and was launched by soviet union in the year 1975 on 19th April.

7. ISRO's budget for year is less than 1% of the annual GDP of India's overall expenditure.

8. There are total 13 centres of ISRO across country.

9. India (ISRO) was able to launch satellite into mars in its first attempt only. No other country has managed to do that in first attempt.

10. The project that launched satellite into mars in its first attempt itself was called Mangalyan.

11. Mangalyan was built with a budget less than 450 Crore Rupees. Way less than the budget of other countries.

12. Mangalyan was launched on 5 November and it started orbitting mars on 24th September 2014

13. ISRO was fourth organization in world to reach to Mars

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