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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Amazing Facts About Asia Continent

1. Largest Continent

Among all the 7 continents Asia is the largest continent on planet earth. Continent Asia is 44,579,000 Sp Km and it is about 30% of all the land area on earth. There are total 48 Countries in Asia.

2. Huge population

Asia is also the most populous among all the continents. Asia has a population of around 4.5 Billion which is around 60% of total population on earth. Nearly 87 people reside in a square Kilometre area is Asia. That is Asia's population density is 87/Sq Km.

3. Russia is the largest country

Russia is the largest country by area in Asia. It covers a mammoth 6.6 million square miles and it is not only largest in Asia but almost in the whole world. It has 9 different time zones and has land border that comes in touch with 14 different countries. Countries china comes at number 2 where as India remains at number 3 in terms of area in Asia.

4. Country India in Asia is an amazing country.

India is a diverse culture, multilingual and highly populated country. Country India in was discovered by Columbus. Only 3% of Indians pay tax. It also has the highest democracy in world.

5. Asia and Africa are separated by water bodies  

suez canal

The Red Sea, Suez Canal and the Gulf of Suez lies in between Asia and Africa. The red sea was originally formed due to the separation of plates between Asia and Africa. Red sea is around 2250 km long and shares coastline with 9 countries

6. Mount Everest has the highest point

Mount Everest is the highest Point in Asia. It also happens to be worlds highest point. Highest point on Mount Everest is at 8848 m high than sea level.

7. Dead sea has the lowest point

Dead Sea has the lowest point in Asia at -395 m. This also happens to be worlds lowest point. Dead sea has 33.7% salinity making it the most saltiest water body in world. It is more than 8 times saltier than ocean water. It is also because of this saltiness that the sea has natural buoyancy and thus people can float on water. Dead sea is 42 miles long and 11 miles wide.

8. Chinese mandarin is the most spoken language

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in Asia. It is also the world most spoken language. Mandarin is also spoken in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

12. Indonesia has the second largest coastline in world

Due to large number of islands in Indonesian it has a very large coastline that extends up to 54 thousand kilo meters. It is the second longest coastline in world after Canada.

13. Both India and China even though very big in area have just one time zones each.

Countries like united states, Australia have so many time zones but Asian countries china and India have only single time zones for entire country. Isn't that amazing? these both are so large countries with so much of land yet they operate with just one time zone. Russia though has 9 time zones

14. Being fat is illegal in Japan.

It may sound odd but yes In Country Japan being fat is illegal. Japan passed a law in 2008 which requires men and women between the age of 45 to 74 to measure the waistline every year once and if found outside the established range are asked to take the medical treatment.

15. Maldives is the smallest country

Maldives is a small island located in the Indian ocean in Arabian sea. It is the smallest country in Asia. It is only 300 Sq Km and has population of less than 5 lacs.

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  1. Few other Interesting Facts about Asia are:
    Hong Kong in Asia is world's most visited city by tourists.
    The world's largest sandy desert (Rub al Khali) is in Asia.
    Maldives is one of the world's most dispersed countries.