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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Amazing Facts About Goa

goa facts

1. Goa is located in India on coastal Konkan region. Goa is famous for its clean and sandy beaches and is a major tourist destination in India.

2. One can go to Goa by any of the three modes of transportation that is by bus train or plane from neighbouring metro cities Mumbai, Bangalore or Pune.

3. The best time to visit Goa is after rainy season that is after October. Peak season is from November till April when most tourists visit Goa.

4. One can rent a bike or car to go across Goa.

5. Goa has around 100 Kilometer long cost line which has numerous beaches. Some of the best beaches are Mandrem, Baga, Agonda ,Candolim and many more.

6. Panaji is capital city of Goa.

7. Goa was a union territory until 1987 and became 25th state of india in may 1987.

8. Alcohol is cheaper in Goa as compared to other states in India.

9. Even petrol is cheaper in Goa as state government has reduced excise duty,custom duty and vat charges on petrol. Goa had also became the first state to have diesel prices higher than petrol at one time.

10 .As Goa was a union territory till 1987, the taxes and excise duties laid on alcohol are less as per the laws that were in place since then hence the rates have remained less in comparison to other states. Also local interest in alcohol selling, producing has also increased and government finds it difficult to change the tax, price structure of alcohol.

11. Manohar Parikar is current chief minister of Goa. He went back after resigning as the Defence Minister of India to become the state chief minister on 14th March 2017

12. Unlike how people imagine Goa only 25% people in Goa are Christians and rest majority 60% are Hindus.

13. British did not rule Goa. Goa was under Portuguese rule till 1961

14.  Goa got freedom from Portuguese rule only in 1961. On December 19 1961 Goa Officially became part of India and remained union territory till 1987.

15. Dayanand Bandodkar was the first chief minister of Goa. He was elected s chief minster on 20th December 1963

16. Goa has an aiport located at Dabolim, Vasco. It is a navy airport which is also used for domestic and international flight purpose.

17. Goa is almost equidistant from the three cities Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

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